BeFound Fast Done-For-You Guarantee Of Service

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

By purchasing the BeFound Fast Done-For-You Service, you understand that you are investing in the time and effort it takes for BeFoundJobs.com to deliver services for  you and that BeFoundJobs.com makes no claims or guarantees of any specific results. You agree to comply with all of LinkedIn’s terms of service including that you will not disclose my password at anytime, if you do disclose my password you am fully responsible for anything that happens in my account.

Befoundjobs.com guarantees to deliver:

1. You will befound on page one of Google for your keywords

2. You will have increased your network to over 500 connections total.

3. Your LinkedIn profile will be optimized for exposure and conversions following our 7 step system via (1) one on one consultation.

Once you attend your LinkedIn consultation there are NO REFUNDS for any reason because we are providing a service, you are paying for our time and expertise.

You agree that you see value in all of these strategies and you understand you can opt out of any of these that you do not want. You authorize us to perform all of these strategies on your behalf in an effort to help you. You agree to indemnify BeFoundjobs.com for anything that might happen as a result of their actions in an attempt to help you. You agree to share any success stories from our efforts and that we may in turn share these to inspire your fellow job seekers.

By purchasing this service you are indicating that have read and agree to these terms and conditions.