Job Search Discrimination – Are you facing it?

Job Search Discrimination seems to be something a lot of job hunters are dealing with in this economy.

We honor Martin Luther King today for his advances in civil rights and we have come a long since then, but now there seems to be in the job market many new forms of bias and prejudice that come from the same narrow mindness and unfairness such as age, industry, experience, not to mention still all too many of the traditional forms of discrimination against race and gender.

Discrimination in hiring is always going to exist, it is a sad reality of the job market.

There are things we can do to combat this.

1. Raise Awareness that job search discrimination is wrong and illegal.

2. Brand yourself in a way that overcomes these stereotypes

3. Have enough opportunities in your pipeline so that the numbers work out in your favor to overcome discrimination.

Are there other solutions that have worked for you?
Tell us about what you are facing or seeing in the job market by commenting below:

Jay Conrad Levinson Author of Guerilla Marketing & Me on the Same Stage

What a privelege to share the stage with marketing legend and author of Guerilla Marketing 2.0 for Job Hunters. I am honored that Jay has asked me to collaborate with him on his new book Guerilla Marketing with Social Media.

To see a video about Jay’s presentation go to

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Guerilla Marketing Job Hunters Got my wife back to work fast (and got her off my back) lol

I founded this blog on this premise.

“It is well known that Businesses have been utilizing SEO techniques with proven success for years now. All we are doing is applying these same proven SEO and Web 2.0 techniques to your job search with the same successful results.”

I was inspired by this quote:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” by Futurist Alvin Toffler.

The Origins of

 My wife was in medical sales and was out of work for most of 2008. She kept saying to me ” You are the Super Recruiter, get me a job!”  But I was an Executive and Technical recruiter not a sales recruiter. I did not have any contacts with companies in this industry and it seemed I could not help her and she had gone about 4 months without even getting an interview. 

 But I did know exactly what those recruiters in her industry were doing to find candidates (the same things I was doing). So I reversed engineered the process step by step, putting her in the right places to be found on Google and LinkedIn. Within 45 days she had 5 interviews and 2 job offers and she was back to work in her dream job. I started telling some friends about this and they asked me how to do it for themselves, then they asked me if I could just do it for them and this was the birth of in June 2009.

My mission to is to help job seekers, one person at a time, until our country is back to where it should be.

I look forward to helping you befound.

PS – I have another blog for entrepreneurs and companies who want to be found.

Helping One Person at a time,

Greig Wells











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