How to Get Hired on Twitter Using #HireFriday Hash Tag

#HireFriday Hash Tag on Twitter has changed the landscape of Twitter for job seekers.

In a previous Youtube video and blog post, I had recommended most job seekers avoid Twitter… and I bet you were glad to hear me say that.

Now thanks to the invention #HireFriday Hash Tag Twitter is working for job seekers. The #Hire Friday hash tag has gained significant momentum thanks to support from Social Media Guru’s like Chris Brogan.

I’m about helping people so I don’t mind  gving full credit to a competitor job search training Margo Rose for the invention of the #HireFriday

You don’t have a  Twitter account to benefit from the #HireFriday hashtag just follow along at  http://search.twitter.com by putting in your title and/or city with the hash tag #HireFriday and if you see a job that interests you click on it to apply.

If you are on Twitter then you definetly want to participate to maximize your exposure. Here are some suggested guidelines on what to Tweet about from Margo herself.

  • Post your resume, and linkedin profile to the #HireFriday twitter stream or:
  • Post the job seekers @name/desired job title/industry preference/location/descriptive and targeted key words.
  • RT the job seekers in the HireFriday stream to your followers on twitter, and friends on facebook.
  • If you think a position might suit the job seeker in the HireFriday stream, tweet a job their way, but don’t put it into the twitter stream.
  • Post interesting career development articles that will help job seekers accelerate their re-employment.
  • Post encouraging quotes to help job seekers keep their spirits up.
  • If you don’t have time to follow along all day on Friday you can use the free tool SocialOomph to get email alerts when someone tweets about a job that matches your keywords.

    In this Youtube video and blog post, I detail how use SocialOomph to automate your job search on Twitter.

    Share your experiences with Twitter or the #HireFriday hash tag by commenting below?



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