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Greig Wells
BeFoundJobs.com Founder
(617) 447-7800

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11 thoughts on “BeFoundJobs.com — Contact Info

  1. befoundjobs.com has greatly expanded my job opportunities. I now have recruiters and companies finding my resume online versus having to spend endless hours each day searching job boards. It has also greatly expanding my network. I cannot say enough about it.

  2. Greg is absolutely right!

    When you are on the Front page of a Google search, you know you’ll b found. And your phone will be ringing. Mine sure did

  3. I was a little skeptical at first but the ability to move to the top of Google searches has been impressive!!

    I even use it to dazzle my friends…they think is it a trick. No trick, just hard and smart work.

    Greig has also helped me to expand my Linkoedin network dramatically. athough I am still early in the game and have not seen the results, I am not optimistic that I will be found.

    I will let you know when I am!

  4. I have been in transition for almost 4 years in a very limited field — reinsurance and being self-supporting I have now reached extremely critical mode. The Word Cloud tool suggestion has been the most detailed I have come across. This is the first time I have heard anyone discuss using Google or Twitter in professional job search. Along with developing and networking through LinkedIn Groups as Greig has recommended, these tools should lead me to leverage my experience and skills developed over the past 30 years into my next position even possibly a new career. I thank Greig, Phil and Rob so much for offering this opportunity to learn and will definitely pass my recommendation on to my friends who are likewise in long-term transition to subscribe to the Early Bird Notification and be on their next call.

  5. I had a webinar today on Linkedin and Google and Greig was very informative and showing what needs to be done to get your profile on google and Linkedin and how to be in the #1 position. I am sure glad a friend told me about this program it is well worth it.

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