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•The Single Most Important thing you can do to overcome gaps in your employment using LinkedIn

•Avoiding the 2 fatal mistakes nearly everyone makes on LinkedIn

•Get Answers to ALL your Questions about LinkedIn

•And Lots, Lots MORE!

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339 thoughts on “LinkedIn Insider Secrets – 300+ Rave Reviews – Read What Job Seekers Are Saying About this Webinar Below

  1. The information here today was invaluable. Using SEO for individual job searches is something that sounds obvious…after the fact. I know a lot about SEO techniques for website, but what I learned about how the top recruiters actually look for candidates (as opposed to posting on job boards), it was eye opening! Job boards have been relegated to the bottom 5% of my efforts and cranking up the value of my LinkedIn profile and Google via keyword is where the other 95% will happen.

  2. Your Webinar has given me a new perspective on my job search. I have been trying to use Linked In for some time to make my job search more effective. The steps you presented are the tools I have been looking for to be efficient.

    Thank You
    Sean Pisano

  3. Greg,

    I enjoyed your webinar. Thanks so much. I learned so much about how to search for jobs today. I lost my job two weeks ago and it seems like eternity. What is the best place to put your resume, a blog, and seperate website, etc? I have seen the testimonials but how many people have actually got a job using these techniques? Should I create a blog myself?

    Thanks so much,

  4. I found the Expansion of the LinkedIn Network advice to be very helpful. I would add that I believe that starting by adding groups first and then adding people from groups. This makes it easier to find people and add those that have similar interests

    Also…The word cloud technique for SEO…Extremely important. I started doing it while I was still on the webinar.

    Thanks very much, I’m looking forward to raising my profile!

  5. Hi, I learnt a few things on this webinar. Unfortunately the link for the free web training didn’t work at first. Then it charged me almost $400.00 after I entered the supposedly free training. At the end of the session when the group was closed the host, said that there was a problem and a credit would be issued to in a few days. It would have been the decent and ethical thing to say at the start of the session. Not after the sale had been completed.

  6. Great Webinar-I have been on Linkedin for over a year, and now have some insite on how to us this network. Good recomentdaion when you are trying to relocate. I will try some of the tips you have given, and I will let you know what feed back I get..

  7. Thanks for telling us that we don’t HAVE to be on Twitter! And I love the work around to find tweets without an account.

  8. Best pointers from webinar were the tips on keyword optimization of your LinkedIn page, getting in that top 100, and also building real offline relationship…using the key questions/phrases you supplied.

    I would love to hear how to appropriately keep those connections and relationships current, especially offline. It’s easier to make that connect, but much harder to keep that momentum. Also, would love for you to elaborate on how entry-level or early career professionals can build rapport on LinkedIn and offer value to their connections.

    Great webinar, with actionable advice!

  9. Greig provided so many great strategies – I barely know where to begin. The follow up strategy to people who accept you as a connection is invaluable! I can’t wait to implement this! The tips for How to Contact Anyone are so helpful! I thought I was good at doing this – but this will make me great at it! I also thought that I was doing keyword research correctly – but it is so time consuming – I can’t wait to use Greig’s shortcut!

  10. Word cloud, who knew? Amazing technology made fairly simple. I have learned some things have done wrong as am consulting and list that, need to clarifty purpose for job hunting. Also, appreciate the honest opinions about Twitter and saving time on what not to do. Worth the listen. Will be word clouding and updating on linked in, thanks!

  11. The information provided on the webinars has proven to be very helpful to me not only in my education of LinkedIn but also in my career search efforts. Greig is obviously one who genuinely cares about helping people through these toughest of times.

  12. Thank you so much for the webinar. Incredibly informative. I learned a lot from you specially on keywords and how to get more functionality from LinkedIn. Also the suggestions on networking with someone inside a company without asking for a job was very helpful. I really appreciate your insights.

  13. Thanks. I truly believe that LinkedIn is a wonderful tool. You presentation is very insightful.
    I especially took to heart you insights on how to target companies. I plan to put these into practice.
    Initially I thought your talk would focus only on the web which I find too impersonal for REAL networking but you showed how it can be brought to a personal level.

    Thanks again!

  14. Greig,

    Thanks to your webinar I’ve opened my eyes how powerfull tools, in job searching and networking of course, the linkedIN and google are.

    Till now I had no idea how important the key words are and how and let say easy is, to find the people and their email addresses I’m looking for.

    Thanks a lot and greetings from Poland.

  15. Informative:
    * I will tyake action to add more connections. I did not know the importance to reach to over 500 connections.
    * Create a Google page is also nect in my action list.
    * the Google*@company.com – I can’t wait to use it to ee the results.
    *Will be looking at key words (Word Cloud) and adding to my resume.
    * I am joining every possibl Linkedin Group that relates to my skills.
    * I have been unfreindly to Twitter but I will search.Twitter.com and see the results.

    Thank you for bringing in new ideas, new tools to use. I have sat here for the past two day without moving from this keyboard except to stretch from 7:30 am to 10:30pm. I have sent hundreds and hundreds of resumes with poor results. I feel empowered with new information and energized. Last night I was runing on sadnes and emptiness. Thank you again.
    Florie Robnett

  16. Greg
    You provided many great suggestions on the use of LinkedIn for expanding my network. The discussion on SEO and the use of Word Cloud technology was eye opening. It is great that you are providing this webinar and assisting many of the participants with techniques to help them find jobs and opportunities. Please continue and many thanks!!

  17. Thx Greig – very good session.
    Understanding some of the details on how recruiters use LinkedIn is very helpful. I found special value w: making certain titles align w what recruiters might search for; using the “summary” to provide unique details and including words that recruiters might key off. The “word cloud” application was new to me – a very useful idea to adjust/edit my resume when responding to targeted positions.

  18. Greig,

    The key takeaway that I found the most useful was how you showed us how add value to person we are trying to connect with. You example of asking them if they are working with a recruiter specialize in their industry once you told them that you were doing this evaluation was an ingenious way to get connected to them, and to become a source of valued information to them either now or in the future.


  19. Thanks for putting on the webinar today! I really thought the Google information was quite valuable, as I had not thought about using that tool in my job search.

  20. Thank you for a most informative presentation. No fluff, no bull, very generous. I’ve learned a lot of LinkedIn ‘tips,’ but none that helped me with the human touch piece. Your presentation was different. Yes, you had a lot of useful technical content. You had more than that, though. You laid out a specific way to meaningfully connect with someone (a hiring manager) in a way that benefits not only the manager and me, but others (Recruiters) as well. I’m moving to a new state next week and I will use this technique as an integral part of my strategy to reach out to my new community. Thank you, Greig!

  21. I had seen your on-line video, which piqued my interest. Thank you for opening my eyes to the power of some of the tools available on LinkedIn…specifically, the different roles which the profile and the resume play, and the means to identify more key words to tag into my profile via word cloud technology. Also, the method of providing a benefit to potential network partners was something that I had NEVER considered doing. Its value is so self evident that I am kicking myself for not thinking of it.
    However, a couple of things that would be helpful: At the start, mention the housekeeping items like when to expect to see slides (didn’t know when/if they had started). Also, the issue of relocation is a major one for those of us who are currently unemployed, so at least identifying some options (which showed up in q&a) during the presentation or slides could fit well. Finally, my industry is similar to your wife’s (undergoing a possibly permanent, major downsizing), and I wondered whether the approaches differ in those circumstances.

  22. I almost forgot… I love the tip about positioning your job search adventure, by being a group founder or the like, as your current position. This shows that you are keeping current, networking, blogging, tracking & reporting trends, debating, etc… already BEING ACTIVE in your current or prospective industry.

    I find that this could be extremely useful for both entry-level folks and those in job transition.


  23. What impressed me the most was that Greg came across as someone who is genuinely willing to help.

    I found the tip on using word cloud software to be the most useful. I have been trying to optimize my profile for the job that i am looking for a long time this tip has given me a head start in getting it done. Thanks!

  24. Greig, Thanks for this informative webinar. The direction on the importance of having a Current Position with appropriate keywords on LinkedIn was helpful. I will be modifying my profile accordingly.

  25. Thanks for your insight. I have taken advantage of many webinars in the past but find most to be just a cursory overview of the subject. Your presentation was well thought out and packed with practical, useful advice that could be implemented by most listeners on their own. I liked the suggestion of using word cloud as a key word identifier. Most helpful was the offer of “done for you”. The job is assured to be done right the first time without trial and error revisions plus it is done right away. What made the decision easy was the offer of a money back guarantee. Lets get started!

  26. One of the most informative webinars I have attended regarding job search.

    The top 2 points I found to be the most helpful are: 1) how to achieve 90% connection acceptance rate and 2) the existence of Word Cloud technology tools and how to use them.

    I always suspected the Linked In upgrade was not worth the money and today I was educated why.

    Great job!

  27. Very useful seminar. Eyeopeners are using Google for being found, creating the links to your website via the references in blogs. Hiding your contactinfo by placing it in a .doc file. In LinkedIn place more information than in your resume (I always kept it an exact copy of my resume) and the use of LinkedIn groups.
    It was really time well spent.

  28. I found this webinar to be very helpful.

    1) Differentiate content on your LinkedIn profile vs. your resume.
    2) Create a group on LinkedIn… to show you are a leader.
    3) Anticipate all the right keywords.
    4) Max out your LinkedIn groups.

    I plan on utilizing these techniques ASAP. I appreciate ALL of the great suggestions. I hope this is the beginning of a beneficial relationship.

    Have a great day!

  29. A most interesting and enriching session. Took a lot of notes to optimize my profile. I’d like to get some more info setting up your own group as this wasn’t very clear to me. Could anyone share this please? Greig, the hints and tips you taught us are probably targeting mainly US market. Would this work well in Europe (Belgium) i.e. cultural differences with the recruiters could have a less successful result.

  30. Yes, Awesome
    I never thought to use Google or Facebook in conjunction with LinkedIn.
    I have used SEO for volunteered work on websites, never thought about using those techniques for job searching.
    I’ve been told all about key words, but I did not know that placement was important.
    I did not know how important it is to increase my links and groups. I just extended my current networking into LinkedIn.
    I’m going over to LinkedIn now to apply what I have learned.

  31. Greig,
    Thank you for sharing all these resources and tools to help us expand our networks and create career opportunities using social media-LinkedIn and Google.
    My take-aways from today are the action-items I can begin TODAY to get more exposure and showcase my talents and experience to get into the right company and best fit. Using word cloud as a research tool to make sure I am using the same vernacular as the positions I want to interview for is brilliant. You showed me how to use my linkedIn professional network to full advantage in my search. I can see how these techniques will put me in front of hiring decision-makers over using “traditional” efforts where my resume would be lost in a puddle of other resumes. Most importantly for me, you, Phil and Rob have given me hope- that using these methods and your services will put me in front of the right people at the right time for the right position[s] and I will get to chose my next move. Thank you again! Can’t wait to employ these strategies and get results sooner.

  32. Greig,

    A very stimulating and useful webinar. The take away messages I got from this session included making my LI profile a narrative rather than duplicating my resume, setting up my own group (never thought of that one!), how to find out if a company is hiring and what recruiters they use or don’t use (matchmaking), why you need to look at Google, word cloud evaluation of job descriptions and resume comparisons, keyword selection/strategy and searching “tweet” job postings.

    Quite a shopping list of ways to improve ones job search.

    Again, Great Job!


  33. GREAT webinar today Greig. My hand is tired from all the notes that I took and I have a few friends that would also benefit. Your presentation was very well thought out, organized, easy to understand and I thank you for sharing all the “free” information. So many key points to work on but I for one will continue to work on expanding my network, improving my profile in using more keywords and adding more groups. Silly me, I thought of LinkedIn as an online resume. You have opened my eyes that it is far more than that and is actually more of a narrative. Thanks so very much.

  34. Grieg,

    To be honest, I was not sure what I would get out this webinar since I am familiar with LinkedIn and have been using this as a resource to find jobs.

    I’m glad that I attended this webinar, since I’ve been able to learn some valuable information in reference to your comments on:
    – How recruiters are using LinkedIn, Tweeter, Google to find candidates and posting jobs. I believe that this information has been useful in how I shoud use the resources to target my specific job search.
    – Implementing keywords for recruiters to find you.

    Good Job!


  35. Hi Greig,

    Great webinar. I picked up many good tips such as: don’t repeat the resume in the LinkedIn profile, why it’s important to have 500+ contacts, why it’s not necessary to pay for an account, how to make use of cloud tools, using search.twitter.com after seeing a posting on a job board – I really liked that one. The tip I liked the most was about telling people that you are trying to find the best recruiters. I have seen the suggestion that you should have something to offer a recruiter but this was the first time I saw a concrete example.

    Thanks again, I learned a lot from today’s webinar.



  36. UK listener here Greig. For me absolutely the best comment throughout the whole of that was “career does’nt equal value in life”. That was quite inspirational to hear someone say that as I’ve gone thru a really hard time coming out of work, it’s badly affected me, so hearing this has given me comfort and renewed vigour to carry on. Your information about LinkedIn and how recruiters look for people top notch mate, jumped right on into updating my profile straight away – still not perfected but still trying – and that’s all that matters to make a difference, which you have successfully done for me. Keep up the great work, so very glad there’s still people like you around that care this much. Thanks again, Neil

  37. I found this webinar to be very helpful.

    1) Differentiate content on your LinkedIn profile vs. your resume.
    2) Create a group on LinkedIn… to show you are a leader.
    3) Anticipate all the right keywords.
    4) Max out your LinkedIn groups.

    I plan on utilizing these techniques ASAP. I appreciate ALL of the great suggestions. I hope this is the beginning of a beneficial relationship.

    Have a great day!

  38. Hi Greig,

    Firstly let me just say I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and it had great content – as as I am concerned it added a lot of value to my job search.
    The key elements for me as a job candidate, was the understanding of what processes recruiters/HR etc are now using to find candidates, their mind set, and how to turn Linkedin into a proactive job finding resource rather than a reactive, hope for the best resource.

  39. Your opening and closing comment about not defining yourself in terms of your job is a critical idea that really puts all of this in the proper context. It is something we need to remind ourselves of on a regular basis.

    As is always the case with this type of training, you have an audience with a variety of experience using these tools. You did a good job of hitting a middle ground and not being too basic or way over our heads.

    I found the information about word cloud tools and search.twitter.com particularly useful.

    One suggestion would be to have a follow-up questionnaire sent to all participants. How satisfied were you with…? How likely are you to recommend the seminar? What did you like most…least? This would give you an opportunity to collect both quantitative and qualitative information. The quantitative results could be used in your marketing material (XX% of our webinar participants said they were satisfied and YY% said they would recommend the webinar to their friends). The qualitative information (along with your word cloud tools) would give you insights about how to improve the content. I would volunteer to help with this if that would be of use to you.

  40. Webinar shared detailed specific steps to maximize LinkeIn, Google, and Twitter to develop relationships, build a successful online profile, enhance your career search and achieve success. Greig explained how recruiters and employers think and utilize these technologies to fill their positions with qualified candidates. Knowing this angle is invaluable to job seekers trying to wade through the technology to find jobs and contacts. Greig shared specific solutions, rationale explaining why those solutions succeed, and offers on how to simplify the process to find the job you want. Better yet, use his techniques so employers Find and Want YOU! For the first time, I understand and appreciate the value of LinkedIn, and the opportunity costs for not succeeding with these media. Thank you, Greig!

  41. Dear Mr. Wells,
    Your webinar was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your valuable tips to be found online. I’ve been searching for employment since January 2009 and your webinar really opened my eyes as to why employers don’t notice me on LinkedIn and Google. What struck me most was your tip on how to turn the employment gap during my job search into a current position on LinkedIn via a keyword-titled group. I’m anxiously looking forward to viewing more of your future presentations. Thanks again.

  42. Hi Greig,

    After listening to your Webinar this morning, I learned the importance of following-up with “thank you” memos after my connections have accepted to join my network. I didn’t realize before this is an opportunity to discuss employment possibilities without ever asking for a position – very ingenious. I want to pursue this objective going forward to maximize my efforts to connect with recruiters and hiring managers in my profession. I also learned from you how critical it is to expand my network; I plan to continue in my efforts to invitie 500+ professionals & expand my groups to 50. I’m looking forward to joining other calls that you make avaialble & will keep you posted with my job search.

    All the Best!
    – Matt K.

  43. Thank you for a very informative webinar! I am longer going to use standard keywords on my LinkedIn profile, and am motivated to find more productive keywords to appear in more searches. I now have a new goal set by your standards for the number of times per day my profile should be viewed. It’s great to know what content to have in my profile to more visible. I love the technique of finding specialized recruiters! This is an exciting new job search method for me to use where all involved will benefit. I’m looking forward to getting better results now!

  44. Greig you gave me the tools to use LinkedIn in many ways. I now know how it works and can use it for both Job seeking and for business purposes.
    This Webinar thought how people are using LinkedIn. I now can approach my targeted people. This was not just webinar on how to use LinkedIn as a tool but a couching webinar. Thank you.

  45. Wow, Greig I learned so much from your LinkedIn Insider webinar. It was eye opening to see the power LinkedIn has to help with employment opportunities. Your word cloud Key Word strategy is top on my TO DO list along with all the other DIY strategies. Loved your Twitter search tip too! If I had the $, I’d enroll for your services this instant!

    A.M. Fortin

  46. The most valuable lesson learned for me is to use word cloud technology to optimize your LinkedIn profile. This webinar is for me currently my all time nr 1 webinar in terms of lessons learned, and the first one that lasted 2 hours in which I stayed until the very end … and it wasn’t because of the bonus :-). I had forwarded already the video link I received when I registered for the webinar to friends of mine. Excellent value, and time well spent!
    One recommendation for future webinars: pls spend a little time commenting on what might be different for other regions such as Europe or Asiapac. Eg I don’t think European recruiters would search on zip code, but rather on locations such as Paris London etc…
    Great job!

  47. Greig,

    Used your service in April. Provided stated results, though it took a while for the calls & letters to come in. Thus, your “pay for” service provides the value promised – making it somewhat unique.

    The devil is in the details, though:
    there are mechanics (SEO, increasing networking counts, etc) and then there’s the self branding part…

    Today’s webinar WAS SPECIFICALLY HELPFUL to me in that it taught me:
    1. that my profile needs to be deeper and richer than my resume
    2. that setting up my own group would be beneficial
    3. aspects of the “off-line” network – I’m a pretty right-brained Engineer & my personality does not make this easy…
    4. that i don’t need to pay for LI services. I have been tempted to, but have (now confirmed as rightfully) not signed up.
    5. either learned again or newly about the aspect of keywords, and keyword placement
    6. about the word cloud tool. Knew about this from the visual thesaurus (better when it was free!), but not how to apply it to my job search. The idea of comparing companies, positions and my personal set of keywords is cool and smart
    7. that 15-20 views a day is needed (I’m at about 6-10)
    8. how to handle the consulting-while-looking-thing – I got disrespected for this by a company that really could have used my services…

    OK, enough of what’s good. What DOESN’T WORK THAT WELL is:
    1. Your “how to contact anyone” is not foolproof, as there is variability in email addressing formatting – you ought to mention this and also talk about what to do about it if you cannot find the person (a level 2 search, so to speak)
    2. The aspect of adding specific groups to target folks you situationally want to connect to. You guys “stuffed the ballot box” when I purchased your service – so I have 50. How to tell which one / ones to disengage from when I need to mount a specific one to target someone? Are group metrics available (this one allows 500,000 connections, this one 5?)
    3. change your “I’ll get back to you” auto reply once in a while! I know you’re busy (BTW, how do you expand your business model when you are personally talking to all of your clients?) – but I’d appreciate a bit of variety in your reply once in a while. & to tell the truth, I have difficulty differentiating the tone of your auto replies from the times that you actually reply. Sometimes I have to read your mails 2-3X to tell the difference…


    * Nicely done
    * Please put me on the hot seat in your upcoming profile review
    * If anyone gave better feedback I’ll eat my computer, so please make me a winner – also, did I buy the right product? Seems as if most of the work was already done in April this year)
    * looking forward to working with you again.


  48. Greig: Thank you for an incredibly informative “Insider Secrets” webinar today. I feel like Rip Van Winkle finally waking up after having an “aha moment” about how crucial the keyword search is! Yes I may be a little naive but after your webinar, I feel empowered and focused on how to drive my job search. Another huge takeaway from the webinar, was to increase my network to 500 and to max out my groups to 50. Thank you again for helping me with my new direction.

  49. I am very happy that I attended the webinar and I found it extremely useful. The tips for getting noticed on LinkedIn are practical and have the potential to provide a good return on investment. Understanding how to pick the right keywords using word cloud generators was an eye opener for me.

  50. Hi Greig
    I just signed up for your special program. I am so excited! I am not very savvy when it comes to social/business networking online and have had very limited success with networking groups such as BNI. I have attended another webinar for using social networks for job networking but it was sooo intimidating and confusing, I could not apply it. You have touched on some of the same aspects but your approach seems to be more practical. “Paying it forward”, “standing out from the crowd” and “not sounding desperate” all have common sense, pro-active appeal. Work/career not equaling the value in your life are words I needed to hear.
    I am in several LinkIn groups, but have had very little interaction. You have shown me that my ‘wallflower’ mentality will have to change!

    I have great expectations of becoming a ‘hunted’ interior designer!
    Look forward to working with you!

  51. Thank you, Greig, for offering so much useful information. As a person who is laid off and getting very little unemployment, I was sorry I could not pay for the assistance you offered, but what you gave away free and given me a leg up.
    Not only did it help to learn how to use LinkedIn more successfully, I was particularly enlightened to learn about web cloud software.
    I am an older worker who is currently using my out of work time to learn a new career online in Property Management. I have had no formal training in computers, and just a smattering of college level classes. Most of my knowledge comes from on-the-job training or being self taught.
    To suddenly try to enter a professional field is daunting and I am still stuck on creating a decent resume. I cannot even figure out how to quantify the work I have done. But I am learning more every day. The one thing I know, the more I learn, the more there is to learn, so you have really helped. The things I learned today should keep me busy for a while.
    I took your suggestion and started a group on LinkedIn for senior workers in the hope I can meet others with similar roadblocks and who are wanting to create a wider network. I also posted your link on my Facebook page.
    My best for your endeavors in the future. If there is a way to for you to accept an invitation from me on LinkedIn, I would be appreciative.
    I only began my page this past month, but I plan to grow.

    Most sincerely,
    Sue Lambright

  52. The webinar was truly insightful – I now have a new strategy in my job search. I learned more tips and tricks in an hour than I have been able to determine in months on my own – for me, basically 85% of the training session was new.

    In general, there are two main areas of value which I wish to highlight. First the training session demonstrated how to apply concepts which each and every job seeker probably already knows about but doesn’t really know how to use effectively. For example, networking with the intention of helping instead of directly asking for help. This is a concept which is very powerful. I found today’s session provided creative ways to connect with people through social media to make this happen.

    Most importantly, I found the session empowering. Understanding how to more effectively use LinkedIn will make a difference in my search for the right opportunity. I now have a new approach to drive my job search plan. Thank you for adding value through providing “LinkedIn Insider Secrets”.

  53. Thank you to you and your sponsers for putting on your webinars. I never realized that the dynamics of job hunting changed so much from just several years ago. I “thought” I knew what I was doing, but I now feel I’ve misused valuable time! Laying out each section of action steps will get me re-energized in my search. This will also push me out of my comfort zone of merely posting resumes and responding to searches of openings. I also now see the big picture of LinkedIn and how it can be of benefit beyond landing a job. I look forward to the opportunity to being able to use your services to fully enhance my basic efforts. A special thank you for reminding me that I am more than my occupation; I will further use my skills in additional volunteer positions.

  54. Greig, the three suggestions that I found most useful that you presented to us in today’s Webinar include: 1. Start a Linkedin Group that shows yourself as the founder to build your brand and contacts, 2. Use Twitter as one of your job search sites, and 3. Techniques to increase your odds of being found, including getting yourself placed on page one of Google, as well as keywords to include in your Linkedin Profile to increase your chances of being discovered by recruiters and companies looking for someone with your skill set. Thanks so much….very helpful info. Also, being reminded that “Your career does not equal your value in life” is an excellent frame of mind to put yourself into when times get tough on the job front.

  55. My top takeaway from today’s valuable information:
    Other job webinars suggest that you try to link with the job poster and get an edge up. Greg’s technique is completely the opposite – that you connect to offer to provide value to them. That makes much more sense and keeps you from seeming the desperate job seeker.

  56. Greig,

    The webinar given today was information packed and a good education. I am a novice to Linkedin in terms of what i should be using it for and what recruiters are doing with the tool. In this new way of getting noticed I want to be in that top 100. The word cloud information was something I heard about but never acted upon. Thanks I look forward to working with you and getting better educated on this and using twitter without having an account was good stuff.

  57. The “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” morning webinar session provided me, and close to 400 other online attendees, with a wealth of supercharged tools we can apply immediately to re-ignite our careers. The presentation provided critical tips and techniques on how to easily enhance a comprehensive career transition LinkedIn attack strategy.
    We learned that just by completing the “To Be Found” contact settings that many users overlook when initially setting up their LinkedIn profiles, can be the difference between just searching and being seen by top recruiters. Or how the unique way of approaching and thanking connections by saying we are evaluating recruiters who specialize in a mutual field of expertise will appear less threatening and open the door for serious networking. And even utilizing the critical steps to ensure my profile makes it to the front page on Google search results for optimum exposure. Not to mention the trick to avoiding paying for a LinkedIn account, and getting the same benefits with just a little bit of extra effort upfront. The expert advice offered by Greig, a well respected recruiter, and his insider experience will without a doubt increase our odds for success against all the other seekers in the tight job market today. This is the one webinar, presented by the most knowledgeable professional recruiter, every job seeker needs to take seriously if they want to win in these tough economic times.

  58. Greig, the information I got from today’s webinar are invaluable.
    First of all, contacting employees in a company that provide company bonus for referrals is something I never utilized.
    Second using the Searchtwitter.com to get hot job leads and replying is great idea.
    Overall, I need to improve my profile which has been idle and passive and make it active using all the techniques is fundamental for generating better outcome in today’s job search.

  59. The webinar’s theme was how social media impacts how we interact with each other and as such, how we need to use it appropriately. Finding or being found for a job requires knowledge and this knowledge allows us to reach our goals. The alignment of unique skills and experiences with the power of LinkedIn, Google and twitter creates value for all concerned. Nurturing this value makes us all thoughtful contributing member to society. Greg, I appreciate you and the sponsor’s offering this view for free. It validates your opening statement – “Surround yourself with those who understand that your career is not your life”.

  60. The webinar, just taken alone and without further follow-ups. was a great community-building effort for high-unemployment times, in and of itself. I specifically benefited by knowing that I can extend my network and communications on LinkedIn by joining associated LinkedIn groups … without paying monthly for a higher LinkedIn tier. Thanks Greig!

  61. I’ve attended several job search / LinkedIn webinars in the past- the thing that made this one stand out was hearing the recruiter’s perspective in detail.

    The explanations of search strategies used by recruiters on LinkedIn, Google, and other sources were very informative; I was able to take away several specific ideas to improve my likelihood of getting noticed online.

    The discussion of the ins and outs of LinkedIn in general were also very helpful. Thanks for a very useful webinar!

  62. I took away from the webinar some great advice – much to pay forward indeed. I know I will STAND OUT by starting a LinkedIn Group and engaging people in my target field. I will ACCELERATE MY NETWORKING by using your InMail “workaround” (very clever!). And I am sure I will BE FOUND after using a word cloud tool to capture and incorporate all my needed keywords. Since I am attempting a change in sector this will all be extraordinarily helpful in hitting the ground running and establishing a valuable reputation. Your presentation gave me the tools and confidence to do it right, right away. Thank you for sharing.

  63. Greig,

    Thanks for another great webinar. You know, the thing I appreciated most was your little spiel about one’s value not being dependent on one’s career. As you (and your wife) are aware, it is all too easy to fall into that destructive mindset.

    Another aspect that I valued is the emphasis on developing relationships, such as through thank you notes and personal invitations, offering and asking for help. Although this was a theme throughout the SMMU studies, it always bears reinforcing.

    The technique of using word clouds to visualize keywords pertinent to a search, then including the keywords in one’s profile and resume, is something I took from your previous webinar. I’ve run with it, analyzing job descriptions and adjusting my profile and resumes. The word cloud generators are fun to use, too!

    The idea of uploading a resume in Word format (97-2003 compatible .doc) is something that would not have occurred to me, at least for quite a while.

    I appreciated your sharing the economic advantages to companies and recruiters by tweeting job announcements and searching via Google and LI. I have been offering to share what I am learning with other job seekers through the employment development department. (Oddly, they don’t seem eager to take me up on it.)

    Thanks for the help you have given me and thank you, also, for helping other individuals get back to work.

  64. Very interesting view of the ‘new’ way to find jobs.
    I already created a group on Linkedin and invited a few people to join.
    I think it is the most important point I got from this webinar.
    I tried to search for companies e-mail with *@company.com in Google but that did not work maybe I’m doing something wrong or not looking in the right place.
    I will try this trick again.
    Thank you for a great presentation,

  65. I have been linked into LinkedIn for two years. However, it was not until I joined the ranks of those ‘transitioning’ did I realize the full value of the tool. It was also at that point I discovered I did not know how to bring it all together. One statement you made, and I certainly hope those participating in the webinar heard it loud and clearl, was regarding how LinkedIn is a tool requiring use on a regular basis. As with any networking, we can not expect to see results if we have not put in the time at the beginning and continue to be involved. Rebuilding is not easy!

    I lost my job seven months ago and as a human resource professional I mistakenly believed landing a new opportunity would not be difficult! With so much going on in the job market, I have just not been able to ‘close the deal’. The pointers you provided in today’s webinar are invaluable and I do expect to see a change. I am especially fond of your suggestion “I am evaluating Recruiters who specialize in….” What a great way to open the door! I also realize my profile needs considerable work. Your webinar showed me why I have been missing out on the ‘be found, be hunted’ benefits. And you better believe I did not have a clue when it came to word cloud!! I am confident your assistance today will provid the over 400 participants an opportunity to expand their potential. And lastly, Greig, thank you for the opportunity to have unlimited LinkedIn Q & A support – great bonus!

  66. Thank you for sharing your understanding and methods for making LinkedIn a valuable tool. I learned several things today and will start incorporating them in my profile right away. My important learnings are:

    – The importance of building a large network to enable better search results
    – The need to join and use groups for building contacts
    – The power of starting my own group
    – How to build the right key words in my profile and to use word clouds to compare my resume and profile to the job descriptions and targeted companies.
    – Methods for using Tweet and Google to improve my searches and findability.

    It is also most helpful in lowering my frustration by having a plan forward and being sure I am taking the right steps in my current job change as well as how to help others in their searches.

    I will be sure to refer you to my contacts.

  67. Greig’s LinkedIn Insider Secrets was fantastic! Grieg has an engaging presentation style that draws you in and he provides amazing and highly relevant content that keeps you focused. Greig brings together his knowledge and expertise in recruiting and does the one thing that many people today are not willing to do, he helps YOU! Grieg allows you to use his recruiting experience to YOUR advantage, enabling you to go from hunting for a job to being hunted by recruiters (what a nice turning of the tables for all of us experiencing frustration in our job searches)!

    In a single hour-and-a-half session Grieg has shown me how to take tools that I am already using, such as LinkedIn and Google and with a handful of strategies has shown me how to maximize those tools with minimal extra effort. Using Grieg’s strategies I will be able to save money in my job search while improving my visibility to potential employers. Needless-to-say, my eyes have been opened to a whole new set of tools in my job search arsenal.

  68. There were many innovative take-aways from the seminar this afternoon. Two that really stood out for me were:
    1) Using a word cloud software to determine what keywords were showing to be most important in my profile/resume (and in job listings). It would take a lot of the guesswork out of optimizing for a particular title/position, especially if you’re trying to customize for a company’s ad.
    2) Starting your own LinkedIn Group seems so obvious and yet seems so overlooked! I’ve read about participating in Groups, asking questions & giving opinions so that you look like a leader in your field. However, starting your own Group allows you to frame it smack within your area of expertise and look brilliant for having thought of it. Talk about leadership!!

  69. My gratitude to you for this incredibly insightful and helpful webinar. I have had a linkedin account for quite some time now and had no idea how to use it in my job search. I found the techniques on building groups, developing my profile, etc., all new information to me. I think this information will help in job search, and enriching my life in general.

  70. Very valuable resource, especially the concept of how to “be found” using LinkedIn. My question: LinkedIn limits your introductions to five. Until the person you requested an introduction from executes your request, that introduction is tied up. If all five have not yet responded, then I am unable to request any more introductions. How do I get around this? I want to utilize my connections to request more introductions to movers and shakers in my industry. Thanks, Greig.

  71. Greig,

    This was a great webinar.It was very informative. I liked the information about how to increase the ways to be found in linked in. I did not know about word clouds. I am on a job search website and the display how you will be seen by searchers in a cloud format and I did not understand the hows of it. Also, how to better use the groups I have joined to grow my network.

  72. I found this webinar to be extremely helpful.

    The “How to Contact Anyone” tips will be the most valuable to me.

    Using the LinkedIn Group feature to be able to email anyone on the site is a brilliant networking technique.

    Thanks for all the insights!

  73. Here’s what I have:

    a good resume
    a good LinkedIn Profile
    a website.
    a Twitter account.
    a good sales skill set.

    And yet, I don’t have people hunting me, or finding me. Why?

    Here’s what I don’t have:

    people hunting me
    people finding me
    50 groups
    500+ connections
    word cloud technology
    the right word key strategy
    page one on Google
    After this session, I understand what I need next. And that’s to join Befoundjobs.com.

  74. I found this webinar worth my time; my main take-away was to differentiate your profile from your resume. However, I would have liked a more in-depth discussion on how one goes about doing that including a few examples. In particular, if one has a professionally written and complete CV/Resume what else can one say in the linkedin profile. Thank you

  75. You re-emphasized something I learned about 3 years ago when I had the opportunity (or misfortune) to be laid off for the first time. My company provided free job hunting training at that time.

    We are essentially “selling” our availability and skills to a recruiter “market” – which is so different from what we are used to working with on an ongoing basis. This is about making it EASIER for the right job to find us, not the other way around. Understanding how keywords are used in Google and other tools including the clever application of word clouds is just not something one tries to learn every day.

    Keeping those connections to that recruiting base has also been invaluable – I’ve found recruiters that have placed me like to keep in touch because of the people I know and my willingness to get people into good positions if I know they are looking. It means the right time, the right place, and the right phone call helps “pay it forward” – which I realize is exactly how to describe the LinkedIn environment.

  76. I really enjoyed your Linked In seminar. The part that had the biggest impact for me was the word cloud tool. Many times I have sent my resume out only to be sent a rejection letter or find my resume went into a “black hole”. I know I would have been a good candidate for the position, but because I did not have the right or enough of the right keywords on my resume, the resume sorting software the hiring company uses most likely did not pick my resume. I am also sure that for this same reason, I only get about seven resume views a week on Linked In. I am going to take your advice and believe that alone is priceless information.

  77. Greg,
    I am new to my position as a Branch Manager & have been struggling to recruit qualified sales candidates. Your information on how to search the Linkedin site for possible canditites for FREE was great. You also gave me some valuable information on Word Clouds. I also found your information on how to search Google & Titter very helpful. I had never thought about them as tools for finding applicants for our current positions within the company. I know that LinkedIn is a valuable tool. This website is how my husband found his VP job & continues to get other job leads.
    Thank you for offering this free webinar. You did an outstanding job.

  78. Thank you so much for offering this incredibly valuable webinar on “LinkedIn Insider Secrets”. I’ve known for a while that it’s time to look for another job for a number of reasons, but the thought of a job search in this economy always left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. I honestly didn’t know where to start. I’m new to LinkedIn and knew that it would be an important tool in my job search, but I had no idea how important it would be, or more importantly, how to use it, until attending this webinar. The most important strategies I learned about were (1) how to reverse-engineer the search process through the use of key words so that recruiters and hiring managers can find me; (2) how to build effective networking relationships through invitations to connect and the all-important follow-up; and (3) how to use groups effectively to expand my network – this tip is HUGE! Now, instead of dreading my job search, I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again for an evening well spent!

  79. Hi Greig,

    Your webinar was quite insightful. I particular loved the tips concerning “word clouds”, Google SEO techniques and Twitter searches. I will also take the LinkedIn tips very seriously.

    I would also appreciate it if you’d host a webinar on Resume Optimization in general (and techs in particular). As a self-employed IT & Project Management Professional, I tend to neglect that very important tool in my marketing myself. I look forward to learning more from you…

  80. Thank you so much for the insiteful comments and suggestions! Key take away ideas were:

    Utilize word cloud technology to optimize key word useage
    Use Twitter to find hot job leads, and
    Check appropriate boxes in the contact settings to be found in LinkedIn

    All the Best,

  81. Greig’s webinar was the best of its kind that I have encountered.
    He presented a logical, thoughtful and proactive approach to utilizing and maximizing the potential of LinkedIn to build a viable professional network that will give me an edge in my job search.

    In addition, I learned many other new techniques and strategies that will help me to differentiate myself and make the most of my personal brand and online reputation.

    In summary, by helping me to understand how LinkedIn and other web-based strategies and tools are used in the latest recruiting practices, I feel that I will now be able to better position myself to succeed in this highly competitive job market.

    Thanks Greig!

  82. Your webinar reinforced my belief that learning is a lifelong pursuit.
    Now I know that LinkedIn is an incredibly diverse and robust tool. I’ve been on LinkedIn for years, but never realized how much I was NOT doing.

    Things I took away from today’s session:
    – LinkedIn is not just an outbound tool, but is also inbound. Yes, you make connections and build your network, but by optimizing your profile, you can attract connections and opportunities.
    – My coach had told me to research job descriptions for keywords, but I had never heard about using Word Cloud tools – a fabulous tip!
    – I had not realized how important it is to be an active participant on LinkedIn, and also how being a member of many groups could be such an advantage.

    Also, as a non-tweeting professional, it was wonderful to learn about using Twitter in my job search, to give me a competitive advantage.

    I will be sharing your contact information with my Networking group!

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  83. Thank you for a great training session Greig,
    I found the direction on offline networking, how to target companies and how to manufacture a relationship most helpful. I have attempted to make contact before and never received a response. I am job hunting so the insight on How to ask for a job without asking is critical. I’ve already been reviewing the word cloud technology recommendation which will definitely save time and ensure accurate keyword identification. I’m eager to check my profile. Lastly the competitive advantage of Twitter makes so much sense but I never considered its value. Does Facebook have the same advantage or capability?
    Best regards,

  84. Hello Greig:

    This presentation was a great experience and I have felt as if I have taken away the missing piece to the LinkedIn usage puzzle thanks to you. I had no idea that the group was a powerful tool to get rid of the gaps in the employment. Also, the Group Breakdown is amazing. Of course, there were strong points to the LinkedIn game that you have presented. I intend to use this information to enhance the LinkedIn Profile and give back to the community. I can totally relate to the “Twitter for job search section” because I have had an interview, from a Fortune 500 company, thanks to Twitter. I have also secured a position currently because of twitter and keeping in contact with a Twitter user. Social Media and career-searching: two things that go well together.

    One underling aspect, that should have been brought to the light more, was the Offline relationship conversions and the maintainance of these after the initial meeting. Of course, there are many ways to start, but many times, even myself, have found it difficult to keep up. I have had moments where I would not speak to a connection and then run into a connection at a later date. For instance, at a twitter initiated meetup (or tweetup). Also, what happens if you received a LinkedIn connection via an offiline networking function or probably a random meeting. This would have brought the presentation to an even more beneficial conclusion and make the offline interactions more of a two-sided dance than one mere breakdance.

  85. Greig and Phil- SEO has become the “phrase du jour”, so the insight into using Word Cloud technology is extremely valuable, and easy enough to do. Thank you for showing us the exercise to go through to do it ourselves!

    Maxing out our LinkedIn groups,,,what a concept! I did not know that, so you can bet I will be on that right away!

    Using Google as effectively as Linked In to maximize my exposure. You both provided simple, yet I believe effective tools that that I look forward to implementing into my job search.

    I like the fact that you have teamed up. I have enjoyed Phil’s blogs and believe that the “dynamic Duo” lends much credibility into an arena others are trying to stake claim.

  86. I took five pages of notes during this evening’s session. I had only a passing familiarity with LinkedIn prior to listening to you. The depth and breadth of information you shared was inspiring and overwhelming. For me, the most significant information you shared was:
    1. How to overcome gaps by creating a group and identify the skills you’re using for your job search.
    2. The importance of networking and how to do it respectifully. I am not a “sales” person so reaching out to people I don’t personally know is out of my comfort zone, but you explained the approach in such a way that it not only made sense, it is less intimidating.
    3. Utilizing tools like the word cloud tool to compare your profile/resume to the job being advertised.
    All of the tips you provided were presented in a comprehensive manner that made sense and flowed logically — each topic building on the previous one, thus allowing gainful improvements to be achieved.

  87. This was an easy-to-follow presentation, chock full of well-explained information. Really useful tips on how to “optimize” your profile on both LinkedIn and Google – and some of the tips can be used not just for job searching, but in everything from promoting a website to gaining more twitter followers. (I’m actually using one one of those tips right here in this comment!)

  88. Greig,

    It was a wonderful webinar. I have been unemployed for 18 months now. People have told me constantly that I needed to be on LinkedIn, but they have never really told me how to really BE on LinkedIn. This webinar has opened my eyes as to what I can do better to get noticed on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google. Just learning about the group and web site creation are great tips.

    I recognize that there is very little time to cover all of the items, but the step for uploading a resume in Word format so that the contact information did not come across as an easily understood concept.

    As I said before, I have been out of work now for 18 months and I am trying to make a change from the computer industries to more of an Agricultural Consultant. I have been looking for any items that might help to make the transition and utilize my background and capabilities. I think that starting a LinkedIn group will be a step in the right direction.

    I appreciate you offering this opportunity for free, and making it available later in the day. I am very tight with my money right now, so I participate in as many free webinars and meetings as I have time to take in. Thank you for all of the information.

  89. This was a great seminar on how to used linkedin.com to set your self up for success.

    The most useful thing i learned was that all 50 of my groups should not be shown, and now I agree. I will remove 42 from the shown profile.

    Thanks, Mark.

  90. I have been linked into LinkedIn for two years. However, it was not until I joined the ranks of those ‘transitioning’ did I realize the full value of the tool. Then I discovered I did not know how to bring it all together. One statement you made, and I would certainly hope those participating in the webinar heard it loud and clearl, was regarding how LinkedIn is a tool that requires use on a regular basis. As with any networking, we can not expect to see results if we have not put in the time at the beginning and continue to be involved. Rebuilding is not easy!

    I lost my job seven months ago and as a human resource professional I mistakenly believed landing a new opportunity would not be difficult! With so much going on in the job market, I have just not been able to ‘close the deal’. The pointers you provided in today’s webinar are invaluable and I do expect to see a change. I am especially fond of your suggestion: “I am evaluating Recruiters who specialize in….” What a great way to open the door! I also realize my profile needs a lot of work. Your webinar showed me why I have been missing out on the ‘be found, be hunted’ benefits. And you better believe I did not have a clue when it came to word cloud!! I am confident your webinar today will provided the over 400 participants an opportunity to expand their potential. And lastly, thank you for the opportunity to have unlimited LinkedIn Q & A support.

  91. Greg,
    I found great value in your presentaton especially the use of the cloud technology and why I should expand my networks to 500 people. A question for you. Is it better to follow people on their blogs and link back to your site, or is it just as useful to comment in groups. Thanks again.
    Susan Andrews

  92. The “Training” you provided in the webinar was way beyond any sales pitch and was organized in a simple, straight forward, passionate style that helped me through the technical jargon and confusion. I realize I have been working uselessly in the wrong direction for months with no results. It is now obvious why, as you put a bright clear light on the way I need “to be found ” by standing out in my search. I see that I have been unfocused and need to follow your system to make my next effort productive. Following the webinar closely has already re-energized me and given me hope. Thanks!

  93. Thanks for the webinar on LinkedIn strategies. Even though I’m a heavy user of this tool already, your training still reinforced a few key concepts: Choose groups to build your brand, participate in groups, and build your network by communicating through groups for direct contacts. The information that was new to me included: word cloud technology (very cool) search.twitter.com (because I just can’t bring myself to Tweet just yet) and finally the ability to use Tags on my connections to help me stay organized. My only suggestion is in targeting your audience – true newbies would have been very lost in this webinar. Just glad that I’m no one of them. Thanks again.

  94. Hi, I attended tonight’s (6PM) webinar and the those valuable points for me were learning about the “word cloud” tool and subsequent reverse engineering as well as joining more groups on Linkedin to maximize my connections — trouble is, Linkedin only allows you 13 requests at one time! I hope I can join more once these have been processed. Ultimately, what was MOST impressive for me was your interactivity with the audience and that you limit the number of participants at other events to ensure that everyone receives the benefit of your personal touch, info and advice. THANK YOU!!!

    1. PS to previous comment: since I listened in on your webinar — and followed your advice to join groups — my profile has been visited 5 times in one day, rather than 5 times in a month! thanks for that tip!

  95. Your training has provided me with specifics that I need to do the increase my visibility to recruiters. I’ve taken training from HR firms and other linked in training, and yours really gets to the heart of what it takes – the number if keywords to focus on in my title and profile in Linkedin, a very valuable tip on using word cloud tools, specific wording for linked in connection building that provide future value to connections, expanding my network beyond my 100 or so inner circle of connections on LinkedIn, and may more tips. I can use these techniques right away!

  96. I’ve attended three seminars on social networking, but this is the FIRST time I have ever really understood the use of keywords and HOW TO FIND THOSE KEYWORDS!
    Moreover, learning how I can actively target my job hunt rather than wait for someone to find my resume was a revelation.
    You started from the beginning and built a branding, marketing, job-hunting strategy that I can actually use.
    Many thanks!

  97. Hi Greg,


    Here is why I think so:

    1) Organized logically with a good flow. Lots of webinars jump around and just peter out because of a lack of clear focus. Not you.

    2) Specificity in listing actionable items. Nothing generic.

    3) No oversell or hype, just the straight dope AND that people are going to have to work on it. Even with the “I’ll do it for you” stuff you make it clear that it is not a totally hands off autopilot process.

    4) Clarity that it is a MANUAL process, whether we do it ourselves or we hire you to assist us.

    5) You also make it very clear that you are not handling thousands at a time to maximize your revenue but rather you limit your clientele to a number that you can really service properly.

    6) Revealing back door methods for getting value out of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google without spending a ton of bucks or time.

    6) But the real jewel in the crown is your advice about using word cloud technology for analyzing the jobs one is looking at and then using the same tool on your LinkedIn profile and your resume to assure yourself that you are tracking with the job requirements for your desired job.

    There are lots of other excellent points about the webinar, such as you speaking clearly and keeping it moving, indeed more that can be easily listed in a short post.

    None the less I have two questions for you:

    The first is that you showed that LinkedIn got more search hits from recruiters yet you spent more time on Google and how to utilize tags to get a top listing there. Why?

    Second, I’m glad you focused on the less technically adept attendees but for someone like myself who is more technical by nature and training, which do you think is better, a personal web site, a blog on WordPress, a blog on our own website or some combination of these?

    Warmest Regards,

    Allen Schaaf – CISSP, CEH, CHFI, CEI, CSCA
    Project Manager for Information Security Analysis – Business Process Analysis – Certified Network Security Analyst & Intrusion
    Forensics Investigator – Certified EC-Council Instructor
    – Certified Supply Chain Analyst

    Security is lot like democracy – everyone’s for it but few
    understand that it’s a project you have to work at constantly.

  98. Greig,

    Talk about a rockin’ seminar! The information you provided was outstanding, and I know it will allow me to find a job much quicker than I would have before.
    There were a number of takeaways that I will use right away. First will be to get my connections over 500 and my groups over 50. You stressed the importance of having a large number of connections if you want to be contacted by recruiters and this is the best way to do it.

    Next, I’m going to take a look at my keywords using a word cloud tool so that I can compare the keywords on my resume with those on the job position. Keywords are extremely important as you pointed out because recruiters search by them.

    You also showed us how to get in touch the right way with someone we want to connect with:
    Tell them why you targeted them
    Offer to help them
    Have a Group to invite them to
    You have a big network
    As you said this is the right way to do it as “No one wants to network with a job seeker”
    You then taught us about using “I’m evaluating recruiters who specializes in ___________ industry with someone we’ve just started to network with.

    You also showed us how and why we want to set up our own group and how we should use them..
    A great trick to save money was showing us the ability we have to email anybody from within any group we belong to.
    Showing us the importance of being #1 on Google and using SEO to optimize our webpages was also an important lesson

    You also talked about the need to use the “off-line” network which is important because we often forget about this in the internet age.
    I also need to get my searches up to 15-20 a day as they are way below that. Not sure why.
    The search twitter was a great tip and one I plan to use daily.

    Greig, I know I probably forgot more ideas than I captured, but you gave us so many, the value of this webinar was outstanding. I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a job. Thanks for your efforts.

    1. Greg,

      Super insight on how to improve my LinkedIn page to increase the visibility needed to improve my job search efforts. I learned that posting my resume to help my optimizing with my linkedin page will be significant. I look forward to working with you as I improve my SEO and also begin to build my network.

      Thanks for your assistance.

      Bob Mertz

    2. Greig,

      Fabulous webinar today, lots of useful information that I can take and use right now, especially the Word Cloud tool, utilizing Super Connectors, and profile optimization. My only complaint is that there was so much information presented that it’s impossible to retain it all. Where can I find the PDF of the presentation and/or powerpoint slides?

      Best regards,

      James Hresko

  99. Thank you and your sponsors for hosting this free webinar. I thought I knew a lot about Linkedin, but I learned a great deal of new information that I know is going to make a huge difference. The information that I found to be most useful is the networking advice of asking for referrals to the best recruiters. It’s brilliant really because it is a win-win-win for the job seeker, the hiring manager and the recruiter. Everyone says networking is the most important tool, but most people don’t know what to say. I also was unaware of word cloud tools. I can see how that would be extremely helpful. I have over 10 pages of notes, but the things that I mentioned were very valuable. I’m very happy that I attended the webinar!

  100. I think that the most valuable part of your presentation tonight was the LinkedIn Paid Premium Member account for free. Very useful information. Also, SEO for job searches was good as well.

  101. Wonderful webinar and great information about how to use Linked-In to get “found”. Optimizing a job search would have never occurred to me!

    Looking for a job can be frustrating and oftentimes I feel stuck. Knowing that I have tools at my fingertips makes me feel like I can keep moving forward. Every keystroke is a positive step towards my goal. I am ready to dive in and get started.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to add key words to a resume and profile when completely changing careers?

  102. Greig;

    First, thank you for sharing your time and insights with us.

    Prior to this webinar, I was cognizant of the value found in a LinkedIn and Google presence. I was aware of the importance of a thoughtful profile, and its dependence on tactical keywords. This process however, was truly an exercise on second-guessing what others may be searching. As a result of this short webinar, it is now clear that there are techniques to enhance search and exposure results.

    The challenge of matching ones keywords to those of a posting, an opportunity, or other potential professional fits has always been a challenge for me. Your introduction to Word Cloud Techniques has revealed a new tool which I need to learn quickly. I can visualize its benefits. I now need to understand the process. Moreover, the power of using blogs to create back-links has altered my opinion of blogs.

    It is obvious from your presentation that there are many tools and techniques to fully exploit the power of LinkedIn and Google exposure. This is only the “tip of the iceberg”. I can definitely appreciate how a well orchestrated profile, packaged by using proper tools, can yield better conversation rates without changing the essence of our content. This is my key objective; measurable conversion rates. Frankly, up to now it is zero!

    We are who we are. Many times when I attempt to re-package my profile, I am concerned about misrepresenting who I am. You have eliminated this concerned by creating awareness of powerful techniques. Well done.

  103. Greig, excellent webinar. Although I already have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile and have my resume available via my personal website, your information on SEO (for both LinkedIn and Google) is hugely valuable, and I’ll put it to use immediately. I’m also going to put a lot of effort into my LinkedIn keyword density score, ensuring that I’m always in the Top 100 of search results (and preferably #1), which brings me to a question:

    You mentioned the importance of having keywords “in the right places” in LinkedIn, but only gave one specific example: ensure that your primary job title is your latest/current job title. Can you give additional examples? Such as “ensure that keywords found via a word cloud tool for your target job are included in the LinkedIn Specialties”, etc.?

    Thanks for sharing your insights and information. I highly recommend your webinar to anyone looking to “amp up” their job search.

  104. Greig,
    This was an outstanding webinar. I thought I knew almost everything on linked in but I now realize I only knew about 50%. Thanks for the information on why it is important to set up a group, be a member of 50 groups, being a part of discussions and having your resume on google. I am taking advantage of We do it all for you and can’t wait to see a difference in my results. Thanks so much for this valueable information. I will definitely recommend this webinar to everyone I know that is out of work!

  105. Greig – First I want to thank you providing such a wealth of useful information at such an affordable price 😉 Having read all of the other comments posted up until now, there isn’t much left to say about the quantity and quality of helpful advice and strategies revealed during today’s webinar.

    So, instead, I’ll offer what I hope will be taken as constructive critisism.
    – There was simply too much material to be presented in a one hour webinar. I understand you would normally use this slide deck during your training classes, and realize you were just trying to provide as much information as possible, but I found it difficult to keep up, especially since I was also taking notes. Not that I didn’t get a lot out of it, but would have preferred a somewhat slower pace.
    – There was a bit too much jumping around from slide to slide which made it difficult to fully grasp each concept. Again, this goes back to my first observation. In your act of generosity, our cups just overflowed.
    – While the discussions of Google and Twitter techniques were quite interesting and noteworthy, they could have constituted a webinar of their own. Since the focus of today’s presentation was supposed to be LinkedIn, I would have preferred that you didn’t try to “cram” this additional material into the hour.
    – Finally, I didn’t mind learning of the services you provide or about the special offers being extended to the attendees, but knew this segment was going to cut into the “90 minute” webinar and Q&A time. (People just can’t be expected to sit still and pay attention for longer than that.) As a result, what we really got was a 60-minute session. And, to kill a dead horse, I thought you were just trying to cover too much ground in that limited amount of time.

    Please don’t take this as sour grapes. I truly appreciate your intent to help as many people as possible and am very glad I was able to attend tonight’s session. I just felt there was overabundance of information and would have preferred smaller, more digestable portions.

    Thanks again,

  106. Your webinar certainly will help create a better personal strategy. I was unaware of the Advanced search screen in LinkedIn and with the use of word cloud tools this will help selection of people one wants to link with and how to customize your resume. Sorry I missed the beginning of the discussion to learn more how to appreciate LinkedIn and dealing with gaps in a resume. Thanks also for the value of Google as a tool to be the select hunted.

  107. Greig Weiler Webinar: LinkedIn Insider Secrets

    This webinar has given me the tools to get hired-fast! I now realize my current model of direct marketing to target companies requires updating to include a “customized” LinkedIn profile: correct keywords (“word cloud technology” usage) and a Big Network (500+ connections); Google and Twitter can be used to my best advantage as well. To sum it up, utilizing “Insider Secrets” will create situations where others seek and find me for desirable positions! Statistics I can happily live with.

  108. I want to first thank you Greig Wells for this Webinar that you put on today. I know you know how much it means to us being that you helped your wife achieve a great position with a 33% pay increase. I know I truly appreciate the time an effort you put into this insightful training.

    I want to focus on the numerous things that I thought were astonishing, things that you decribed that makes perfect sense. There is truly never a shortage of money just a shortage of ideas. Your strategies using linkedIn and google are the perfect channels used today. Like you mentioned more and more companies are thinking of ways to save money so why would they want to spend up to 14,000 dollars on each recruiter to find someone that might not be suitable. I love this think like the recruiter strategy process that you have come up with. The facts described make this job seeking process golden. The fact that companies can use LinkedIn for free, there are 80 million professionals on linkedIn, and there is more traffic on linked in comparison to job boards today is all essential. After this webinar I will be increasing my network to 500, creating my group with an emphasis on my career and industry, finding key words to modify my profile, joining relevant groups, distinguishing my profile from my resume, and utilizing google in relation to links to boost myself up to the front page. This webinar has changed my life in relation to how I look at linkedIn, I will be more involved in discussions and overall activity on LinkedIn. The fact that 90% will be in my network when I reach my 500 due to the 3 degree of separation makes everything seem so simple. However, I do know it will take a lot of work tailoring my invites to each person, but your approach to inviting them and follow-up with an exchange of value makes so much sense that I excpect good results to come from executing your methods. Also the twitter – email approach is a great tool that I will also be using. I can’t wait to put these tools to work, because it will produce work for me. I know I will have a great testimonial to send to you.

  109. The webinar today was very informative and there was so much good information I would like to see it again because I am sure I missed some stuff. I would be hard pressed to pick only one favorite piece of advised that I learned today.

  110. Grieg
    The evening webinar was an excellent collection of best practice strategies and much more than just an Insider’s Guide to LinkedIn. You delivered the content with a very sincere approach to help people think about the big picture of overall Career Management. The most helpful suggestions focused on how to integrate major social media tools ( LinkedIn and resume key word optimization, Google page one techniques, search.Twitter ) Great work! Continue to show how you really care about “paying it forward” for all.

    A few suggestions to help with your future offerings: (coaching bonus)
    1. Some of the times, you mentioned that “we will discuss that a little later ” and then time ran out before the Q&A began. It may be helpful just to mention quick details at that point in the webinar (e.g. where to go in LinkedIn so profile settings can be adjusted to not show connectoins all your updates rather than mention “we will get that later”
    2. You may want to include online polling or a quick webinar survey to get feedback at the end of the webinar. This will help you track metrics, identify areas of potential customer needs and help with customer service.
    3. It seemed very successful to partner on the call with Phil of ReCareered in the US. It may also be helpful to have partnerships with other nonUS-based career coaches to provide even more expertise for a growing customer base.

  111. Greig,
    Thank you and your sponsors for providing today’s webinar ‘LinkedIn Insider Secrets’. I just wish I had heard your webinar years ago. The biggest eye-opener was realizing that LinkedIn is an important career tool – not just a ‘job hunting’ tool. Thank you for stressing ways to build a personal brand by joining relevant business and industry groups, joining discussions and even starting groups. And thank you for explaining the elements of the brand that show employers or potential business partners what we’re doing, how we work, who we know and what they say about our work. I appreciate the practical tips throughout your webinar: how to make connections without paying for ‘premium’ LinkedIn, how many groups to join and which types to join.

    Other points that were new to me included use of work cloud software, optimizing yourself on Google and using Twitter without having a Twitter account. It was fascinating to hear how recruiters use these tools and how we can optimize our exposure. My LinkedIn book helps with the software but certainly doesn’t include your ‘Insider’ tips. The use of cloud software to match the emphasis of keywords in our profile to the words in a job description or even a company website is brilliant (and would have a lot of marketing applications). The importance of job titles and word placement in the profile makes sense. I enjoyed hearing you describe how recruiters mine Google to find the ‘passive’ candidate and how companies use Twitter as a quick, first try to locate candidates. Thank you for all your ‘Insider’ tips about how recruiters use Twitter and how we can monitor/use this tool without having a Twitter account. Again, your tips from a recruiter’s perspective made this webinar uniquely valuable and lots of fun.
    I’m eager to jump in and I can’t wait to learn more.
    Thank you!

  112. I attended the webinar last night at 6PM and it was very informative. Unfortunately, I lost my connection for about ten minutes, but I think I got the just of it. I have already checked out Twitter and will check out the word cloud today. I thought the seminar was easily understood and the take aways were easy to follow. Thank you for the informatiion.

  113. Greig, Your webinar Thursday night was fantastic. It was one of the few free ones that actually provided actionable items to implement versus “teasing hints”. As an underemployed person, I found it inspirational and I spent the next couple hours implementing some of your solutions. Some of the free tools/techniques you mentioned were real insightful.

  114. Greg, thanks for hosting this webinar. The information provided was invaluable. I thought I had a good understanding of LinkedIn but now I really have the tools to use it effectively. Please keep me posted for future webinars.

  115. Greig:

    Once again, I am just so impressed by you and your webinar. You obviously care about helping people, and it shows in everything that you do. Thanks so much…….

  116. Great NEW information !! Especially think that your ideas regarding LinkedIn Groups (being able to email people, aka recruiters, in those groups when you join them) and even starting your own group are invaluable…THANKS for the ideas !!!

  117. I attended the latest webinar on Oct. 14 (and many previous helpful webinars). As usual I always pick up additional “Golden Nuggets” that help to maintain my visibility through various social networking activities. I am connected to you and Phil Rosenburg, and find that you both provide very good information for not only LinkedIn, but job searching in general. Earlier this year I was on googles first page, but have found out that my ranking has dropped considerably. Your latest webinar provided me with additional insite on how to improve the ranking for google and getting more hits on LinkedIn. Have been steadily increasing LinkedIn connections, but I think your suggestion on how to approach and word invitations, will help increase the rate of connections, and I think you explained vewry well the importance of having at least 500+ connections.

    I would like to sincerely Thank You for providing the free seminars and continuos job search guidance in the true spirit of paying forward. I have recommended your webinars and services to many freinds and family in their quest for employment in these difficult times. While I have been trying to get my own business going, I am at the point of being more serious about finding fulltime employment and everthing you you have provided up to this point has been useful. If money situation and health improves, I will look forward to the opportunity to get more fully involved with your direct help.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Duane M. in AZ

  118. Greig – an excellent presentation that very aptly displays how much the job market has changed since I was last looking over ten years ago. Today’s successful candidates need to work the digital arena with all of the “tricks” they can muster and your Webinar really nailed how useful a LinkedIn profile can be — if it is properly optimized. Thanks for all the great info — I look forward to learning more in the near future and putting into practice the principles you are teaching!

  119. I had the good fortune to learn about Greig Wells’ webinar from reading Phil Rosenberg’s blog http://recareered.blogspot.com. I was eager to participate in last evenings Webinar, because I had been using tired methods of searching for a job, which weren’t working.

    Moreover I was disheartened because I felt that the few folks who I was able to engage about jobs, well intentioned or not, just didn’t get it or me. Clearly it wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t being hired . . . it was those pinheads!!!

    I’ve learned form Greig and Phil that it is me, because I was doing things that didn’t work, but expecting a different result.

    The three most salient takeways for me are:
    1)Join groups that can give you access to contacts in your area of interest. Since last evening I’ve connected with Greig,ergo having access to his contacts. I also joined the Biotech & Pharma Professionals Network, itself having over 90,000 members. The point here is that with a few clicks I’ve networked with over one hundred thousand (100,000) contacts.

    2) Start your own group and provide good content to drive people to you. I expect that within the next 24 hours to start a group and blog inviting them to share with me the funny. silly stupid or ridiculous things HR or recruiters have said to them about them. Research has shown that events like unemployment can adversely effect self esteem, changing the way our brains see the world. “Ten minutes of genuine belly laughter” has demonstrated mental and physical benefits (see Anatomy of an Illness)

    3) Use a word cloud tool. Even with my limited experience I’ve already tweaked my resume. LinkedIn profiile and cover letters

  120. Thank you for your time leading last night’s webinar. I gained some invaluable information.

    The high points for me were:

    Understanding about job tweets
    Understanding of Google in the job search process
    Understanding links in data
    I will be downloading some cloud software. This knowledge was especially helpful as I looked at cloud data in gthe 3D graphics sense – not understanding the value of using cloud technology in data
    Learned some shortcuts with LinkedIn

    I will be sending you a request to link on LinkedIn. Again, thanks for the advice.

  121. Greig,

    Thanks for a great webinar. The presentation was filled with valueable information that I am passing along to fellow job searchers. I’ve been telling people in my network that they need to be linkedin with you.

    One thing I need to remember is to keep networking after I’ve landed. I always have good intentions but then get to busy. Using Linkedin will make it easier.


  122. Dear Greig:

    I have been following your emails and web videos for almost a year, but yesterday’s morning session was the best compilation you could have put together. You really do what you say help peoploe one at a time. In fact I tested some of the techniques and got 3 interview offers this afternoon!
    Thanks. Bob Mueller, Director Toxicologist

  123. I thought the webinar on Thursday provided some specific action steps I can take immediately. I was particulary interested in the information on Word Cloud Technology. While I was aware of the technology, I wasn’t sure how powerful it can be and I’m thrilled to see how it will assist me in my job search. Thank you for the insight.

  124. This webinar was the best 1 1/2hrs invested in retooling my web presence. The tips were extremently helpful and I plan to implement everyone of them in the near future. Thanks for providing this service. I read Phil’s blog frequently and now I have added your blog to the favorites list as well.

  125. Great Tip Greig!
    I will update my profile section immediately with my e-mail address for future contacts. I will be watching from now on for more tips and advice on “How To Be Found”.

  126. The information was very helpful and easy to follow through the power point presentation. There were many takeaways that I strongly feel that will help me in my continued job search. It was 90 minutes well spent and very valuable.

  127. Hi Greig,

    I found your webinar truly enlightening. I realized that I need to spend more time building my profile. I took many notes and hopefully I can develop a great profile from those notes. Your words opened up my eyes to the best use of LinkedIn. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your webinar. It was very worthwhile. Have a great week.

    Best Regards,

  128. I am a graphic designer. WhenI tried the word cloud on my resume it gave me some very odd results. How do I tailor my resume to give a better result and how can this help me get a job faster?

  129. Greig:

    Word Clouds are a wonderful tool. (My favorite is wordle.net; hope I haven’t let the cat out of the bag.) Your sequence of analyzing the company webpage/blog was really a powerful idea and a great starting point. I’ll be contacting you and the team in short order. Thank you so much for the webinar and that it didn’t morph into the keyword SEO morass.

  130. The webinar has open my mind to improving my profile in LinkedIn. I will definitely practice the recommendations that you have provided in today’s webinar in order to increase visibility to my profile. Being an active job searcher this webinar will help me in my job search. I have sent invites to both you and Phil to connect to me. I will keep updating you with my progress and hope to continue connecting with you in the future.

  131. Greg,

    I feel privileged to have been able to listen to your webinar. I found the information to be very eye opening. I have been looking for a new job of late, and your information has made it a lot easier for me to be found via linked in as well as growing my networks.

    The best part of the webinar that was the most helpful for me was learning about using word clouds to determine the the right keywords to put in my resume!

    Thank you so much Greg, and I’m already on linked in making the changes that you suggested!

  132. I enjoyed the webinar from 10/21. The most valuable tool I learned about is the word cloud, not only for optimizing searches (SEO) but also as a tool for those who are considering a career change or transition. Simple, but elegant tool. I am also intrigued by signal. Looking forward to the weekly sessions that will make me work smarter not just work harder in my job search.

  133. Greig, thank you for the detailed information on today’s Linked In Insider Secrets webinar. As my third decade of work history begins, I can tell you that new technology and using social networking is overwhelming. Your ideas on how to target companies, find connections, and put the sequence of networking together will make a huge difference for me. Using the tools and taking the information offline will be the key to my success. The most valuable takeaway for me is using word cloud tools–never knew they existed before. What a fantastic way to assess whether the keywords I think are important match what the company thinks is important. You mentioned setting up a website and uploading your resume to get it online. How is that done? Is it difficult? Thank you, JA

  134. I attended today’s webinar and I have to admit that I was a skeptic that this would be another sales pitch that would be light on real strategies. Boy have I have been proven wrong. There were several strategies that resonated with me. The most impactful strategy related to the use of word cloud tools to compare, contrast and to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with the most relevant key words. The significance of this important strategy for me was that the technique was articulated, it was augmented by an explanation of the tactics and supported by suggestion of tools. These are real world tools that can make a difference. If you have ever thought about how to turbo charge your search you have to take advantage of this training. Excellent! None of us has experience with the conditions we face in todays job market, all of us know the convergence of social media and the web will play a roll in landing the next great job. Take this training you wont be sorry.

  135. Dear Greig (and Phil)

    Congrats !! this webinar is really perfect. In Europe, and more precisely in France, this is totally NEW. We are not used to use this kind of methodology. Therefore we are completely unefficient and lost on LinkedIn, making all the same mistakes.
    But today, I am proud to know how to emerge from over profiles.
    The main thing I learnt is : The Word cloud Tool. What a perfect tool and not only for LinkedIn purpose but also for the traditional CV/resume (the paper one is still veryyyyy famous in France, grrrr !!!). I realized how wording is crucial in job seeking and will definitely use this tool. As a Marketing Director, I perfectly know how the words are important to spread the right message and catch the attention of the right people. So thanks to you … I have now the answer : the word cloud tool !!!! Many thanks…

  136. What a wonderful seminar! As a recruiter and business/career coach, I have been working with a group of local individuals seeking new jobs, the Southlake Focus Group (founded by Doug Anderson). I have learned so much to share with them.

    I must admit I was a bit pessimistic when I decided to listen. So many free seminars/webinars for job seekers are really set out to entice the job seeker to spend money on the “ideal tool” for finding the “ideal job”. This webinar was the complete opposite.

    Greig has a wonderful ability to explain, and to present somewhat baffling tools/ideas to the job seeker. In addiiton, the explanations were very good – very easy to understand. And perhaps more importantly, were universal in how they can be used. As a business owner, I learned a great deal on how to maximize my use of Linked-in.

    The best part for me personally, was the realization that much of this information is quite doable – for anyone who wants to try to do it.

    The same is true for the job seeker as well. I have found the biggest challenge for the job seekers I have dealt with, is the lack of hope, or of a positive future, especially for the ones who have been looking for so long. And Greig has presented this new avenue of hope in the best, and most non-judgmental way.

    Thank you Greig.

    Susan Carson

  137. I have spoken with many recruiters over the past few months and the information I received on this webinar today was far better than all others combined! I’ve been struggling with getting past the automated resume screenings when applying online and the Cloud Tools trick Greig presented will be enormously helpful in getting past that block. I realize that I’ve been functioning as a job searching dinosaur but after today I have learned MANY skills that I have no doubt will get me out into the market at today’s social speed. Thanks Greig!!

  138. Great Seminar. You provided a lot of great useful tips and techniques that I will implement. I look forward to experimenting with LinkedIn Signal and joined your LinkedIn Group. This future tool looks very powerful.

    The word cloud tool to see how your LinkedIn Profile and Resume match up with recruiter and posted job descriptions is a great technique that I will start after writing this comment.

    A lot of free seminars just provide teasers to get participants to sign up. You provide real useful actionable information that can be implemented and a fantastically priced service for those that do not have the time or the skills to do so.

    Thank you

  139. This was my second exposure to this Webinar – I am already a client.

    This time it refreshed me in value you offer and how I should work with LinkedIn and you going forward to be successful.

    Karl Walnikas’ comment on SEO and use of key word optimization at individual job application level is what I too find extremely valuable.

    I plan to do it religiously going forward using your Word tool.

  140. Today I attended the Webinar “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” and am in awe! This was the most beneficial job search information I have received since I became unemployed in April 2009.

    After over 15 years of corporate experience in marketing, communciations, event and conference planning I am reinventing myself with the goal of transitioning into a career in Human Resources and I am also preparing to enroll in law school in the Fall 2011. I knew the basics of LinkedIn and have accumulated almost 700 connections. My personal goal is to truly connect with each person and not just have them be a “number” on my profile. Greig did an awesome job of reiterating how important this is for job seekers.

    Also, to me it was also invaluable to see things from the perspective of the recruiter/company/connection. How I am viewed by others is paramount in my job search. If I don’t present myself well in writing on LinkedIn and by the connections and recommendations I’ve received why would a recruiter want to find out more about me.

    I firmly believe that by implementing even just a few of Greig’s suggestions (e.g. maxing out my groups, participating in the group discussions, making my connections viewable, and putting a picture on my profile) will make a tremendous impact in the quality and value I add to my connections and groups. Thus, leading to me landing a job sooner than later! Thanks Greig! Gotta go and schedule a photo sitting – I want my LinkedIn picture to be as professional as Greig has inspired me to be!

    Greig, continued success with sincere appreciation,


  141. I’m looking strategically, not exactly passively, but not so actively as to appear desperate. Having heard a couple of LinkedIn SEO sales offers previously, I was unsure about Greig Wells value at first. So I listened in on a webinar previously, thought a lot about what Greig had said, then listened in again today– and purchased Greig Wells BeFoundFast SEO package. Spending the money was an easy decision– the question was “where” to spend it; who was I going to invest in? Greig and Paul provided all the answers I needed to give themselves the credibility I have been looking for. Having viewed, heard and participated in their webinars twice now, I’m convinced we will have real success working together!

  142. Thank you Greig for a lively and insightful presentation!
    Two points really stood out for me. Firstly the use of Twitter an a valuable tool for job search, especially as it seems to be regarded rather highly by employers. It is so easy to use and to follow, I wonder why more people have not jumped on the bandwagon yet!
    Secondly I look forward to using the LinkedIn Signal as soon as I get access to it on a trial basia or when it is released.
    Above all though I need to express my sincere admiration for all the wonderful work you are doing. Although I have not decided yet to join your seminars, I have still found lots of incredibly valuable stuff I can use to market myself. One thing saddened me though today, the realisation that it is close to 2 months that I have been out of a job and the responses I am getting are rather poor. I am trying my best to catch up with my personal branding and exposure to the job market, I wonder though if I am doing enough?

  143. This was without a doubt the most information-packed webinars I have ever attended. I really appreciated the way that you continued to answer questions well after the scheduled time had passed. The most valuable aspect of the webinar for me was that it made me understand why I had not gotten any traction on LinkedIn. LinkedIn was the first place I went when I started my job search, but it has not generated any activity for me, and now I know why. More importantly, now I know exactly what to do about it. Thanks Greig!

  144. Greig,

    This has been the best two hours I’ve spent with regards to my job search. I was part of the Macy’s Corporate restructuring in 2009. The HR team at that time offer classes on Linkedin, you brought it to whole new level. I was particularly intrigues with the Twitter element. I thought it was just used to track the stars! Thanks so much for answering my question about the daily updates. I know I need to make posting and I was curious about the webinar today. I’m in the process of a career change. I recently received my paralegal certificate! I’m very optimistic and excited. Going forward I would be very interested in starting a blog.

  145. First, thank you Greig, I hope you will select my feedback to be chosen to work with you.

    I love what I do and am passionate as IT Solutions Provider Executive for medium to large size companies. I lost my job long time ago and I have been struggling to get to the next step, an onsite interview.

    Question1) Regarding Linkedin, how do you tap into executive IT positions? You mention that the order matters and that you should not contact the hiring managers directly first. What if you cannot connect with sales, hr, peers what is your next step. And what do you when you write a letter and they don’t respond even when they’ve accepted your connection?

    Question2) The job ads on linkedin, I have paid to be on top without any responses. Is it really going to the top or is it just a waste.

    The most valuable information I leaned is the optimization techniques on linkedin. Since I have changed my profile, I am at least being shown.

    Sincerely Yours,

  146. Grieg, I found your webinar generally informative and helpful, and in certain points a real eye opener. Yes, you have used the attention you got for a good share of self promotion, as can be expected in most free webinars. But you have also delivered pointers and guidelines that made the 2 hours worth spending.

    My follow-up question is: where do you find established websites willing to host your resume?

  147. Hi Greig,

    Today’s webinar was quite insightful.

    Didn’t quite know how powerful and LinkedIn is in my career in this era of Social Media.

    Over and above all, i have just discovered the potential impact ‘Signal’ will have on what I do on LinkedIn and how I can use it to my advantage on my job search and being found/head-hunted.

    Look forward to more webinars …. leaving up to your motto “Helping one person at a time”

  148. Thank you for offering this free webinar.I must say you are an oustanding coach.Your presentation got me glued to the screen while taking notes,i have had a very good time listening to you.

    I most enjoyed the importance of networking you taught.Utilizing tools like the word cloud tool is a unique secret i personally recommend is a must.Also,technique for creating a value proposition with a career brand is so improtant these days,as henry ford said once,”companies do not pay us,they only do the finances,its the brand that pays us”.I feel so enpowered after knowing this secret to success.

    After applying some of your profile improvement tips, i have just been able to successfully grow my network and added 64 connections literally in one hour i spent in invitations.That was wonderful feeling and i must thankyou Greg for this.

    Also,I have amazingly increased my group memberships to more than 45.
    Right after attending this webminar and a little work on my LinkedIn page,i have seen an improvement on the number of people viewing my profile.I am very confident that after applying the keyword search technique,i will get an increased searches for my profile very soon inshallah.

    I would again whole heartedly thankyou for this wonderfully fruitful free training and i feel a boost in my personal energy and motivation.I suddenly have developed a new spark that makes me more positive about myself now.Who knows an opportunity may land for me in a few days.-Amen.

    I am looking forward to ask you more questions as i work a little more deeply with your valueable techniques.Hope to talk to you again very soon Greg.You are wonderful!!

    I wish you success in your endeavors too.We count on your mentoring.
    Faisal Saleem

  149. Wow, I never realized that I could use SEO for a job search. I was just laid off this week during a re-organization of my division and have just started reaching out to my network. Finding out about SEO will allow me to more effective use tools that I already have and create new action plans to implement others.

    Thank you so much for the information. I am sure that I will be attending more of your webinars as I continue my search.

  150. Greg,

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on LinkedIn. Although I have been using for about a year now, I certainly have not been maximising my opportunities to build my network and contribute to forums with like minded peers.

    I would say 3 things that I have found most valuable from the webinar are:

    * Tips on increasing the chances that people will connect with you
    * SEO for Google first page placing
    * The launch and the opportunity to explore and test LinkedIn Signal.

    I really value and appreciate the time you have spent to share this knowledge and I wish you much success in your future endeavours.

    Best Regards,
    Jacqueline Roll

  151. Your Webinar has given me a new insights in optimizing my job search. While I’ve been told in the past that beefing up my profile was important, and the power of networking, putting it into practice has been a challenge. I really now understand the success that can be had by making yourself more accessible by others.

    One thing I found particularly fascinating was the discussion around word clouds and how powerful a tool it can be. I have seen them before on many sights, especially blogs but didn’t know where they came from or how they were generated. Understanding how to identify key words in job discriptions and how to maximize the usage of those words in my resume is eye-opening. Thank you for that!


  152. Greig,

    Great webinar today! I was just on the phone sharing some of the insights with a friend.

    I especially like, but still don’t quite understand, the process of getting up on the first page of Google…


  153. Excellent webinar, lots of great information. And you left the selling to the end. You provided real value and I must confess most webinars (including some I’ve been involved with) are selling more and providing less value.

    For me the information regarding word cloud technology was an area I’d love to know more about. What are your thoughts on free word cloud technology? I’ve tried Wordle but really have no notion as to it’s effectiveness beyond creating art.

    Thanks again for creating a very effective and valuable webinar.

    Kind regards,
    Scott Halpryn

    PS. Now I’ve responded on a blog with more than 4 sentences and included my URL. I don’t have a resume up there yet but that will come.

  154. I thought the specifics about networking on LinkedIn and adding links to your network were really important. How many times do we network, but not really connect, so it’s not lasting? Not a good way to network! Question – is keeping up with fresh status updates enough to make your new connections feel like you’re in the loop with them or is it best to occasionally write them a new in-message letter about something you’ve discovered about their company?

  155. The LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar was of the highest quality – densely packed with high-quality information and action plans for the job seeker. What made the biggest impact on me was a relatively simple concept – a maximized network is a critically important element needed to implement the powerful social, visual, and factual strategies that make you stand out from the crowd. I never realized how your LinkedIn connections increase your perceived value to others, and how different (and safe) LinkedIn is relative to Facebook in this area.

    One of my immediate projects is expanding my network to the magic 500+ number, including super-connectors. And I will maximize the value of this powerful tool as the LinkedIn Insider Secrets indicated, using it to properly cultivate live as well as LinkedIn connections, put in place what is needed for today’s headhunter recruiter, and work on making myself “found”.

    Thank you for a superior educational experience.

    Tina Sigarto tsigarto@yahoo.com

  156. Hi Greig,
    Thanks for the LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar today. Your presentation was very well done and really informative. Some of the valuable take aways I got were:
    -The order to approach individuals in a company…someone in sales, peers, HR, etc.
    -Anticipating the right keywords for your search using SEO or word cloud.
    -Using Twitter for contact leads.
    I signed up for the LinkedIn Signal Beta Group. I’ll dive into it soon. If I can lend a hand there or else where just let me know. Have a good one Greig.
    Norm Stembridge

  157. I participated in your 11:00 am webinar today. As a newcomer to LinkedIn, I found it to be a wealth of information that will really give me a jumpstart on using this networking tool. I came away with some great insights on how to focus my efforts. In particular, I found the information on the use of key words and how to determine optimal key words using “word cloud technology” to be extremely helpful. Additionally, you offered some great tips on how to build your network in a professional, respectful way. Thanks so much. I learned a lot and I really appreciate your passion!

  158. Using LinkedIn as a tool for others to find me was the most important thing I learned from today’s webinar. Previously, I’ve felt connections should be personal and those with 500+ were “promiscuous.” Now I better understand the benefits of maxing out my connections.

    Greig, thanks for an inspiring 2 hours!

  159. Great webinar this morning! I really like how you broke down how to use LinkedIn as a way to get noticed. I will definitely use the tips you gave out and get more people in my network! I also thought the tip you gave on using Twitter was good. I never really thought about how recruiters and employers do their search. It really opened my eyes to that perspective! It will definitely be useful in my job search. Thanks again Greig on doing this webinar!

  160. Using LinkedIn to be found by others is the most important thing I learned in today’s webinar. Previously, I’ve felt those with 500+ connections were “promiscuous.” Now I understand the benefit of maxing out your connections.

    Greig, thanks for an inspiring 2 hours!

  161. Hello Greig

    Thank you very much for a great webinar. I like your direct, personable and unpretentious style and I appreciate the breadth of useful content you covered. My key takeaway from the session is that there are a variety of simple things that I can do to maximize my exposure in a desirable manner. Thanks for the great tips on various tools and techniques (word clouds, SEO, Google, Twitter, groups, page content and more.) My time was well spent. I am delighted that I heard about and was available to attend your session today. I look forward to working with you and your colleagues. Nice job. Thank you.

  162. Greetings Greig:

    Your Webinar LinkedIn Insider Secrets certainly enhanced my networking skills and subsequent job search capabilities but it did something even more important. The search techniques you demonstrated in the Webinar actually helped improved the skills I use as a Market and Competitive Intelligence Analyst.

    I have been contacted by a nationally known “Boutique” Market Research firm about the possibility of starting a two month contract late next week. I will be able to use the word cloud technology, Google SEO (a reverse format) and recruiter LinkedIn (have access) search techniques you demonstrated during this research contract if offered to me. The old adage: “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” is certainly true with what you taught in your Webinar. I can’t say thank you enough.

    All the best,


  163. Greig,

    The Webinar was very informative and I really enjoyed it. Thanks you and the sponsors for providing this great opportunity for FREE. I have been using Linkedin for quite long but never thought that we need to really work on it to BEFOUND and BEHUNTED until you highlighted some interesting points like “Key words, Word cloud tools, SEO”. I was really impressed by the way you took over the webinar. I started using the TRICKS you shared with us and hope to see a POSITIVE IMPACT.

    Thanks a bunch

  164. Greig – What is your advice on accepting LinkedIn Invitations from recruiters with whom I have had very little interaction? Isn’t this simply their way of finding candidates by browsing my connections?

    Also, even after attending your webinar twice I still can’t say I’ve learned how to “Avoid the 2 fatal mistakes nearly everyone makes on LinkedIn”. Please enlighten me.


  165. Greig,
    Thanks for all the valuable information that you have provided us in the webinars. That knowledge had helped me to have a much more clear idea on how to trace a strategy to get my goals.
    Once again, Thanks.

  166. I appreciate you and your sponsors hosting the free webinar on Thursday, 11:00AM. I also respect that you stayed on to answer all of the questions during the Q&A session even though there were over 200 participants still on the line participating. I have 8 pages of notes that represent all of the new information that I have learned, including the importance of determining and repeating the same key words in my profile that recruiters would be looking for when searching for someone to fill a position that I am seeking, but the one most basic comment that you made that affects is to effectively utilize and broaden the information on the right side of my profile page, i.e. the actvities, connections, and recommendations, etc.. Thanks for a great presentation!!

  167. Greig. Great Webinar, brilliant FREE content. One question I have for you: Have you considered using one of your Clients as an example of “Before and After” makeovers for your training?

    Thanks again for your time in showcasing how you can improve your “Befound on LinkedIn” stats.

  168. Greg,

    First, thanks to you and your sponsors for making this webinar available on 10/14. With your exceedingly straightforward and practical advice, you have totally changed how I think about LinkedIn and how I will use it.

    Two things you said really caught my attention:

    1) Using word clouds to customize my resume content to the job description content is massively inspired! I know about word clouds, but would NEVER have thought to use them in my job search without your specific examples and recommendations. This idea alone made my day.
    2) The idea of working on the BE FOUND side of the equation rather on the FINDING A JOB side makes so much sense, and is another thing many of us do not think about enough. I

    Your ideas sparked me to create a unique email address just for the job search so they will jump out at me easily in Outlook.

    Thanks so much for sharing your unique point of view with us. I know it will make a HUGE difference to my search. It already has made a huge difference in how I THINK about my job search.

  169. Greig,
    Not sure if this is the right place, but I’m interested in finding a job search buddy. I am seeking Director of Marketing and Sales positions in the South Florida Market. If anyone is beginning the use of the tools that Greig is talking about, and would like a buddy to work this system with, please contact me at ana.more@comcast.net. Thanks

  170. I have to admit, I was on Linkedin and have never fully taken advantage of it. Plus, I wasn’t sure how. Thank you befoundjobs.com for creating this awesome opportunity for people like me, who are looking for work and give us the tools and proven methods that help us stand out from a crowd of candidates. I have used your site and resources to land my latest job, and I LOVE it! you taught me that I DO have worthy skills that ARE marketable. So THANK YOU!!!

  171. Greg,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. LinkedIn is fantastic tool for professionals looking to connect with other like-minded professionals as well as for those ‘in transition’. And, yes, to get the FULL benefits of LinkedIn you have to keep your profile active by updating it when need be, joining groups, taking part in group discussions, start a discussion, get recommended etc, etc… The more you put in it, the more you’ll get out of it.

  172. Thank you for a great linkedin webinar. I have been to other linkedin workshops, but this one emphasized the idea of branding yourself and standing apart from the competition. I am trying to utilize cloud word search as I redo my resume and profile, so any further links or explanations would be helpful. Thank you.

  173. Thank you so much for the clear information on how recruiters are using LinkedIn. I never realized that I was makeing mistakes with my LinkedIn profile. You gave me some concrete steps that I can utilize today. Thank you very much.

  174. I was lost in the in the Job Search Jungle. Your seminar has provided me with the compass, provisions and other tools I need to survive here. Now I believe I can find my way and get to where I need to be. Thank You!

  175. The BeFound approach is great way to help job seekers to get noticed. I especially liked the idea of using word-cloud technology to scan jobs which you would like to have and make sure these keywords can be found in your profile.

    An addition I have to the seminar is that it requires people to know what they want – at jobEQ we have specialized in that area: we actually help organizations to know what they need, but as a job seeker you can try our questionnaires for free (no strings attached) at jobEQ.net/SelfTest

  176. Greig, thank you for providing this webinar to us. I am a “DIY’er” and really appreciated the tip of using the Word Cloud Analysis Tool. I would have never in a million years thought of using such a nifty tool to compare job descriptions with my resume and LinkedIn profile. Thank you for thinking “outside the box” and then sharing your hard work and experience with us. Lee

  177. Greig, I just finished attending your Linkedin Secrets Webinar. I was quite impressed with the value communicated in your webinar. I was amazed by how easy you made job hunting look. I am energized, now more than ever, by your advice and I have no doubt that I will be on the right track moving forward. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and empowering so many people.

  178. Greig: genuinely learned some actionable items from your info-filled webinar. Thank you. You are quite a salesman and, had I the funds, I certainly would have signed up for your BeFound program. mdl

  179. You webinar today was so educational answering many questions about linkedin. Knowledge was gained and answers provided when I didn’t know any where else to go. Thank you so much for making it valauble and really passing along info that can be applied. I learned things that I didn’t even have questions for. One in particular was word cloud…another that I didn’t have to buy into the professional level of linkedin… and summarizations of “what they want” and “Linkedin to-do.” Many thanks.
    Bonnie Lammar

  180. The BeFoundJobs webinar on LinkedIn Insider Secrets provided just that – secrets to optimizing this social networking tool. For me the most important learning were the tips provided to increase one’s Connections. Many say how important it is to have more than 500 Connections, very few offer simple, easy to use techniques that can enable the growth of one’s network. Thank you Greig Wells.

  181. Thank you for sharing. You really personify what is defined as “servant leadership” in that you give first and then try to find how people can help you succeed by buying your paid services. I know your service will bring you success and blessings.

    When I first saw your links online, of course like most people I said to myself “who is this guy and why should I part with my hard earned money”.

    After listening to your presentation, there was enough new information to be worth $400. I was so busy listening I wasn’t fast enough to enroll this month but will definitely try again and also share the contact with fellow job seekers. Maybe you are going to be so busy helping job seekers and therefore will need more people on your staff… I’d love to work with you on your team!!

    Thank you also for pricing the program/service fairly and affordable, because as you well know when people are not earning every expense is a big decision. People need to be more careful with their finances but as you so rightly say it is costing money not to be working so it is a good investment — if it works!! it is affordable enough to be worth the try.

    I know enough basic HTML to put up a web page, but don’t have any SEO knowledge. That seems to be what the magic link is. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

    Happy New Year! I would love to have you add to your webinar not just the positive comments people give after the presentation. I would love if you had actual follow up feedback from people you have counseled, consulted with and compiled their brand and profile. It would make the conversion from “theory” to “real, hard, tangible data” to have some numbers. Sort of along the lines of (client.industry.region.function. experience.age) was hired as a (whatever.company) after (how long in the program, how long of a search before entering the program). Real examples of success.

    Right now, there is a lot of theory. Maybe I am just slow in understanding and seeing the real results. Anyway, just a thought. Wishing you a fantastic new year.

  182. This was a good review of LinkedIn optimization strategy. The word cloud technique is particularly appealing. Maxing out groups as well as using groups for introductions is particularly clever.

  183. I received your invitation to join the webinar and was blown away with your LinkedIn techniques, tips and expertise that will definitely improve my career search. You did provide so much more than advertised and I thank you for this opportunity to learn today!

    Best regards,

    Liz Heffler

  184. Greg & Phil,

    This was without a doubt a great learing session. It was clear and to the point on what one needs to do. I have attended one other of your seminars and they are great. Thanks for all you contribute to the cause of job seekers.

    Rob Laird

  185. Greig – This was an awsome webinar. I wanted to attend to see what I could do to improve my LinkedIn visibility as I was not getting much activity. I now know why. I took five pages of notes, and plan to start implementing some of the activities today! I can stop thinking about one of the first comments you made about not having the same information in your profile that you have in your resume, you are wasting an opportunity for providing additional information. That makes so much sense, I don’t know how I could have not thought of that. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in putting on this webinar. I wish I had the extra monies to afford the additional training, I would have signed up immediately. Once again, thank you for your time and considerations on putting on this webinar.

    Okey Mason

  186. Thank you, Greig for a most worthwhile webinar. You provided a wealth of information as promised. The items that most stood out for me was the information/instructions on Word Cloud, using Linked In’s “to be found”, how to ask for a job without asking, and mistakes to avoid. Any one of these alone was worth the time. I particularly appreciated your empathy with and encouragement to us job seekers. You touched on the technical aspects of effectively finding a job but very importantly, you reached us on an emotional level. Including the story about your wife’s experience and mindset demonstrated that you really identify with our situation. This was very comforting and developed a level of trust and likability for you and your organization. I will definitely recommend you to others.

  187. I just finished watching the LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar and found the information very insightful on how to utilize LinkedIn to its greatest potential. I think the tips on “how to stand out from the crowd” will be very useful in updating my profile.

  188. Great Workship Greig,

    I learned so much about the social networking side of the almighty job hunt. I hope to turn LinkedIn from just another website to THE tool in my current job market. I wanted to sign up for the paid workshops, but space was full. Hopefully what you taught me will be enough to land me a job by next month. Thanks for everything!!

  189. Hi Greig,

    This is the first time in 15 years that I’ve had to face unemployment. It’s been a very humbling journey, but I must admit that through networking and webinars like yours, I’ve met so many wonderful people that I simply would not have encountered if I remained employed. I guess there is a silver lining to every gray cloud after all!

    I came away from your LinkedIn webinar today more hopeful than I have been in the past 8 months that I’ve been unemployed. The information you provided regarding LinkedIn was invaluable. This has been a very difficult time for me, my family and so many others in my industry. It’s great to know that there are experts like yourself out there who can help.

    I want to thank you for sharing your own personal stories about your wife’s journey through the unemployment process. There does seem to be light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

    Best Regards for 2011, and keep up the good work.

  190. Today’s webinar was awesome! I have had a LinkedIn account for some time but was not sure how to use it. I understand and can apply the SEO strategy easily. What has excited me most is that I learned how to be active -by participatin in discussions, advising, and even starting my own group! Thank you so much.

  191. The Webinar provided an detailed approach that was easy to follow.

    The use of a Word Cloud tool was new and will be put to soon.

  192. Greig,

    You webinar on the job search strategy was the most informative service. There was important values such as not having to subscribe to the premium service on linkedIn (which I did). That was a mistake. Recruiters using the AIR approach, I never knew this strategy existed at all!. And the third idea was the phases to adopt when searching for a job. Thank you for your insight.

  193. Thank you Greig for the most valuable presentation on LinkedIn Secrets and beyond. I have been to several presentations on LinkedIn so frankly I was just expecting to hear a refresher on things I already knew. WOW! was I pleasantly surprised. Your information was fresh, relevant, and most of all you provided tips on how to implement the recommendations on your own. I especially liked your approach of concentrating on the ‘getting found’ piece of LinkedIn, which is an area I had entirely overlooked. Like most people, my focus was on what I am looking for. The second most valuable insight was that recruiters are using Google and that it’s not your name that’s important – it’s those key words. This was especially reassuring to me since I share my name with a famous person and it is a fairly ubiquitous one to boot. My only regret is that I do not have the resources to pay for your program since my cash flow is exclusively devoted to living expenses. Hopefully that situation will change soon based on my implementation of your ten tips. For people who are employed Greig’s tips will help improve your visibility and value to your organization. Thank you again

  194. Greg, I found your webinar “LinkedIn Inside Secrets” very informative. I signed up on LinkedIn a couple months ago but didn’t really understand the value on Being Found; or, how to be found. It was truly enlightening to find out that companies pay $14,000 for a license on Monster while they can access LinkedIn for free. A special thanks to the sponsors of today’s webinar including Phil Rosenberg of ReCareered.com.

  195. I was a participant in todays webinar. I thought that the seminar was great. I think Greig has taken the job hunt game to another level and has made it a more level playing field. I feel Greig’s definitely ahead of his time when it comes to finding a job in this competitive job market. I wish Greig and his family the best and think it’s amazing that he found a way to help so many others doing something that he truly loves and that is so well appreciated and needed.

    Thank you,
    Dan B

  196. Thank you for this Jan 4 webinar. I enjoyed the well paced presentation. The information was pertinent and actually helpful. Rather unexpected from a “free” offering. I now feel very energized and positive.

  197. Today’s webinar (1/4/11) revealed that just like building a house, etc., it takes many tools to build an effective job search/career. Greig indicated Linked In is just that. However, what was most intriguing was the quick review/discussion of the simultaneous use of a combination of techniques that maximizes the results for LinkedIn users, no matter what their job status. The real value is gained when one has a focused/definitive position and industry(ies) in mind for these efforts would quickly lose their effectiveness without it. For me, today’s presentation added more substance and capcity to the traditional LinkedIn model and added more features to allow it to do more of the “heavy lifting” in the construction of the job search. However, will this(ese) tool(s) eliminate (or otherwise replace) any of the more traditional tools that have been used in the search efforts for years?

  198. Greig,

    Thanks for the insightful webinar today. After spending the last 3 months unsuccessfully looking for a job, the information you shared today was very eye-opening. I have been using LinkedIn for a couple of years, but I learned today that I did not know how to use it effectively! What I found most valuable, and it makes perfect sense after your presentation, is that you can leverage social media to bring potential employers to you, instead of having to do all of the hard work yourself.

    Thanks again for sharing this information today. I was beginning to reach the point of depression with not being able to land any interviews, let alone get a job. But, your presentation has given me new hope and a new sense of purpose.

    Best regards,

  199. Greig,

    As many people have said, this was a great webinar and I am very grateful to have been able to take part in it, as I am on a very tight budget these days – so especially thank you also to the people who sponsored you today.

    What I learned the most was just how badly my LinkedIn profile needs work. I put a lot of work into it in the past and have had several people give me feedback on it.

    However, I had this nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. Now I have a really solid grasp of things that I can do right away and it makes sense. I feel empowered to do
    something – I knew I needed to do something and now I have a plan. With my 16 pages of rapidly written notes I feel a lot clearer about moving forward.

    Thank you very much,


  200. Greig, Thank you for giving the extremely informative and free webinar today. You covered many topics including the introduction of Linkedin Signal which will show us what people are saying in their status updates. You explained that this feature could be use by employers. They will be able to post jobs and then any Linkedin user will be able to respond to the job opening of their choice. Also in this jam packed session you outlined the features of profile optimization and SEO searches. The word cloud suggestion was greatly appreciated and I look forward to using it. You made a note of informing your listeners that relationships are built offline and we have to use each of these social media tools to meet our goals of building our networks in order to realize our professional dreams. You mentioned open networkers could use Linkedin Tags to filter our closest connections. Finally, you also had the time to conduct a question and answer session and offered the use of this blog as a way to stay connected with you and learn more about Linkedin. Thank you for all of your efforts and for keeping us on the cutting edge of Linkedin. Sincerely, Avi Waxman

  201. One of the most powerful insights was leveraging the “directionality” of LinkedIn: how LI is really a tool to move traffic both ways. Your system does a great job at positioning LI as a tool to offer value and create a voice for the job seeker and the employed professional alike. Thanks, Greig!

  202. Really got a lot out of todays session about LinkedIn and Google.
    Did not know that most recruiters look at Google for people, but
    this makes a lot of sense.
    There are so many benefits to Google and LinkedIn that are
    “hidden” or unknown. Just listening to Greig today opened up
    a whole new world of knowledge for the job hunter.

    Expect to see more opportunities in the near future.

    Thanks Greig and Phil

  203. This was an amazing webinar that provided so much relevant, specialized tools and “jewels” to become easily identifiable on LinkedIn. For FREE…You both know that “Paying it forward” works, and your openness and availability through various venues gives me hope. I believe totally that it will work just as the webinar described. This has been the BEST by far LinkedIn Webinar that I have attended, and there are many!

    Honestly, your way of presenting the material made it feel personal, as if you were right in front of me. That is difficult to do in this kind of setting. I believe this works and thank you for your generosity!

    I am going to work on many of the things that I took notes on this evening, no put the aside. I trust you and what you say. The resulrs and testimonies are proof of your experience and abilities.

  204. Thank you to ILostMyJob.com and Recareered.com for offering the free webinar. I have been using LinkedIn almost since its inception and always think I know a lot about it until I get on another webinar.

    Greig, your approach is fantastic and should be welcomed by all who are seeking a job. I feel fortunate to have been able to attend the webinar and it’s refreshing to know that you’re aware of what those unemployed are going through with regards to funds.

    My search is unfortunate at this point since I had just experienced having to do the same thing a year ago. I had previously had a website that I got rid of when I got my job, which I will obviously need to reignite and started a LinkedIn Group previously that I’ve kept up with even when I got a job, which is important.

    I’ve been on a lot of webinars but found yours to be clear and concise and very informative to my search, especially the information on the word cloud tool and how to access it.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing more new and exciting features coming to the LinkIn tool in the future.


  205. Greig,

    Really appreciated the insightful information, and especially the organization of the material and even the quick pace at which it was presented. I want to avail myself of the programs you offer, but did not sign up in time today mostly because I should do a little homework first to make the most of your services.

  206. This was an amazing webinar that provided so much relevant, specialized tools and “jewels” to become easily identifiable on LinkedIn. For FREE…You both know that “Paying it forward” works, and your openness and availability through various venues gives me hope. I believe totally that it will work just as the webinar described.

    Honestly, your way of presenting the material made it feel personal, as if you were right in front of me. That is difficult to do in this kind of setting. I believe this works and thank you for your generosity!

    I will begin working on several of you key points this evenig, not put it to the way side.

    It is evident that what you offer helps. I have attended several webinars on LinkedIn strategies and many of what your provided were never mentioned. Your presentaton style made if feel very personal for me, as though you were standing in front on me and I was on the first row. That is difficult to convey through a webinar.


    Karen Prince

  207. Wow..what an outstanding webinar on LinkedIn. Of all of the webinars I have attended, I acquired more insight about LinkedIn than from being on the site and articles I have read. Being unemployed takes it toll on one’s hopefulness, but you opened-up the possibilities utilizing LinkedIn more extensively. But more over, Greig you offered realistic information and the genuine sense that one CAN find a new job.Thank you, thank you!

  208. The information was excellent. In the past month, I have heard internal recruiters say how important LinkedIn, blogs and twitter are to them and how traditional job boards are losing traction. Your webinar was very content rich and gave me new and relevant information. But the top thing that stood out for me and the reason I pushed the “add to cart” button was the picture of your desk. That is MY desk!

  209. Some say if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; but teach him how to fish, and he will eat for his lifetime. The advice and work you do through your site and webinars enables people to do what each one specifically needs to do to improve their job search skills and associated value on an individualized basis. I have been approached by job search “Groups” that charge thousands of dollars and claim to assist the jobseeker in networking by providing a form letter and advising you to “carpet bomb” recruiters and managers which serves to drive hiring managers away.

    I am sure that your program will soon become the standard for job searching. Thank you for all that you do and I will certainly stay tuned!

  210. I was given a fortune cookie the other day and the fortune said clouds will part and your answer will shine through. After the webinar today I feel as though there is a light shining through. Going through the webinar everything made sense while other companies I have asked to help me find a new position or find me leads but never have they delivered. I want to be found and contacted before the positions are posted.

    I appreciate your webinar and will start saving up to work with you, I have lost my company and have been out of work for 7 months with a daughter getting married this month. I look forward to putting your program to the test, thank you.

  211. Thank you for the seminar yesterday. I found it very valuable. What I found most helpful was the approach of asking about recruiter’s names and offering to send the connections a list of what one finds out is great! Your provide a service and leave an impression of helping others. You create a benefit for others and what goes around comes around.

  212. Thank you Greig for a very useful webinar that made it much easier to understand just exactly how LinkedIn is used by recruiters and why. Being more active and using the right words and processes on LinkedIn really makes sense now and I’ll be following your instructions immediately.

  213. Hi Grieg,
    Enjoyed the webinar. I was impressed with the WordCloud technology that you mentioned. I’m not a technologist and I’m definitely not an internet or social-network expert, and I think the WordCloud information is incredibly important. Also, the LinkedIn tips on setting up one’s own Group and managing LinkedIn from a Search/Keyword perspective was incredibly helpful. Thanks so much.
    Steve Lazarus

  214. I considered myself fairly savvy at using linkedin but I stand corrected. Specifically, becoming seen as a thought leader and industry expert by forming and running my own group is a brilliant idea. This webinar was very insightful and I feel that I now have the skills and strategic vision to take my job search to the next level. Thanks!

  215. Thanks for the webinar today. I was expecting to hear mostly about keywords and word clouds, so learning how to stand out from the cloud was a huge bonus. I had no idea that I could create my own group and use it as a featured position on my profile.

    The assistance of how to use a recruiter request to develop a relationship with a key leader at one of my target companies is definitely something I plan to use.

    Thank you.

  216. Thank you for the webinar today I feel it will help me in many ways especially LinkedIn using it in a better way and trying to connect with super connectors.

  217. Phenomenal webinar….I learned so much. With other members of my family out of work also, I will have alot to share. Unfortunately, as one of those who is not sure what they want to do now (have been an entrepreneur and worked in corporate) – my skills are many and varied which makes it difficult to market. As more of a people person, I would love to have this all done for me or do the upgrade. I liked all your information regarding using LinkedIn as a stepping stone to offline marketing -building a personal rapport is something I do very well.

  218. Today’s Webinar was really helpful. All the strategies presented today are really great. Getting to know what the recruiters are looking for would definitely help in how to optimize the profile. Also, the Profile optimization techniques presented are also really helpful. Now I know how recruiters are searching for candidates and would definitely help me to optimize my profile to be found by the recruiters.

    The strategies presented today to get into the top 100 on Linkedin Profile search, first page of Google and to be found on Twitter are really great and helpful.

    Also, the word cloud tool that you mentioned was not known to me as I think many people would not know it. Thank you for letting us know about it and it would definitely be very useful to find the keywords in the job descriptions and how to have them in my profile.

    Also, i knew about few places for having keywords on Linkedin, but getting to know all the 5 different places would help to get on the first 100 search results and may be even in top 10.

    Also, telling us how to make use of Linkedin to create network and how to get deep into the the network. Also, how to connect and and improve the the connection and take the relation offline.

    Also, I have being following your blog since last couple of months and I find all the strategies you mentioned really helpful and I use them to boost my Job search.

    Thanks & regards,
    Virendra Chandak

  219. Very informative. I have participated in other LinkedIn training, which primarily focused on making connections and setting up profile but weren’t geared toward making the account “Search optimized”. Your training is unique in my experience. Picked up excellent points to readdress on my profile and how to find the word cloud tools.
    Thanks to you and the webinar sponsors, ReCareered.com and ILostMyJob.com.

  220. Thank you for your webinar today! It was very beneficial to learn all the new tricks of LinkedIn I had no idea existed. I didn’t know how much companies used LinkedIn and your statistics were surprising. Some of the top things I learned are to take advantage of joining groups, using word cloud for keyword optimization, and increasing activity, which I had no idea was tracked. Thank you for letting us know how to find super connectors.

    Thanks again!

  221. Greig,
    Thank you for a very informative webinar on LinkedIn Insider Secrets. My biggest takeaway was understanding how important it is to optimize my profile with key words.

  222. Greig Wells was great! FREE Webinar Training for Job Seekers “2011 LinkedIn Insider Secrets” was a great start for job seekers and how to maximize your Linkedin network and marketing yourself!
    In this FREE Webinar Training,you will be provided:
    •”The 3 Proven Strategies to use on LinkedIn to Get Hired…”
    •”LinkedIn’s… newest secret weapon SIGNAL and how you can get it now before your competition”
    •”The Single Most Important thing you can do to overcome gaps in your employment using LinkedIn ”
    •”Stop collecting connections and get your phone ringing with interviews •”Get Answers to ALL your Questions about LinkedIn ”
    •And Lots, Lots MORE!
    Thanks again Greig!

    White hats off to you! (what is white hats? check out seminar)

  223. Thank you for an excellent webinar on how to use Linked In to get a job. Your advice on how to stand out from the crowd was particularly enlightening. For example, I never would have thought to create my own group. Thank you again!

  224. Greig, building TRUST was one of the key concepts I learned in your webinar on January 27, 2011. Now I fully understand why connections of connections have not responded to me, despite introductions from common contacts. Your coaching expertise shines throughout the entire presentation. Your introduction hooked me right from the start with engaging language, with statements that everyone who is seeking employment can relate to. I love the fact that steps to increase your LinkedIn presence are clearly outlined and have an orderly progression, with details (yes, I took copious notes!). While most of us are aware there is recruiter’s/employer’s side to the jobs equation, you brought us a hard-hitting perspective that sticks. The statistics surrounding LinkedIn and Google are newsworthy. I was not aware of just how significant these resources could be when used correctly. The Word Cloud software can help to solve the problem of struggling with KEYWORDS (which to use, when) and the levels that you presented are so valuable — to analyze and match up resume keywords, each job description, company blogs and websites. Since I don’t have the financial resources to sign up with you, I will be a plodding DIY’er for now, working on Word Cloud keywords, my profile, creating a group, and building a network. Thank you for renewing hope, interest, and action. I will be sending your profile to many of my unemployed comrades!

  225. Hi Greig, I just listened to the LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar and I learned a lot about how to optimize my job search – specifically I learned I need to rethink the groups I am in to increase my visibility. I also did not know that companies can see your activity. This information will definitely change how I use LinkedIn. Thanks very much! Please keep providing this type of information – it is invaluable to job seekers like myself.

  226. The LinkedIn Insider’s Secrets webinar (01/27/11)was a real eye opener as to what and how recruiters are searching on LinkedIn, and what I can do to be found. Although I have heard about key word optimization, this webinar presented it in such an exciting way that I can’t wait to get started! Thanks Greig for offering such an informative webinar!

  227. Greig –

    I’ve attended LinkedIn webinars before and there have been several nugets of information.

    Your webinar took everything outside the box providing information that was looking at LindedIn in a new way.

    Have never hear anyone say that the Q&A wasn’t the fastest way to get bring you to the top of the heap. Great to hear your ideas for a new way of looking at things.

    Can’t count the number of times I’ve hear “use all 50 groups”. It was nice to hear idea on the types of groups we should belong to. As well as ideas for accelerating offline networking.
    Look forward to passing this webinar link on to others!

  228. Practical and insightful webinar.

    The best parts for me:
    – Tips on using word cloud tools to improve the key words I use in my profile and resume.
    – Demonstrations on how recruiters use LinkedIn and Google to search for candidates. Clear examples on how effective branding and keyword use can make me more visible.
    – A great strategy for creating value for my network and to recruiters through my activities on LinkedIn
    – Excellent strategies for joining LinkedIn groups and running them to create value for myself and others.
    – A preview of the upcoming LinkedIn “Signal” feature and what it means for users.

  229. Hi Greig – thanks for a sensational seminar – all the information was wonderful – what stood out the most to me was the recommendation to start a LinkedIn group relevant to my field/search – super (though easily accomplished) idea!

  230. Hi Greig, I enjoyed the Linkedin seminar today. As I was listening, I got an email from one of my Linkedin contacts that knew I was looking for employment, and he asked me if I was leveraging my profile on Linkedin. I answered probably not as well as I could, and told him that is why at that moment I was actually listening to a webinar about Linkedin Insider Secrets. I was pleasantly surprised that you mentioned you do not have to pay for premium service to get premium results. I’m working on increasing my network and the number of groups I’m in. In fact, before I sent an invite to you, I noticed you were already a 3rd level contact of mine. Again, thanks for all the info. today.

  231. I was pleased to see the “upgrades” you have made in your presentation between October and January 27. Specifically, getting more information on the beta testing search engine that will be going live soon has spurred me to make some changes. You have also provided some “hard” data regarding the role Linked In plays for those filling jobs, which helped me understand the process better.
    There are three key issues a novice or inexperienced user of Linked In needs to overcome. The biggest issue is the fear of being unable to actually make the connections necessary. The thoughts running through our heads include “why would anyone want to connect with me? What do I have to offer them? Aren’t I just being a nuisance to these people?” Your discussion and methods help us overcome that reticence.

    The second issue we need to overcome “Now that we understand people will connect to us because we can offer them something, what exactly can we do with this tool? What is its power?” You have done a nice job of highlighting those areas as well, although for many of us, more detail would be welcome. Of course, that quest for detail may prevent us from actually getting off the dime and actually DOING something.

    The final issue that we face is “where can we find these people to connect with? Especially, do I have any hope of finding superconnectors?” You have helped here as well, especially with your offer to act as a connection for all of us. You may be able to add a bit more meat to this section, but that probably falls into a more general networking seminar.

    Thank you again for the help in my seemingly interminable job search.

  232. It’s no surprise that after attending this webinar that I was able to make immediate changes to my profile that brought me new connections in less than 10 minutes! I just checked again and my profile views have gone up again, I should have known about these secrets a long time ago.

  233. I am relatively new to using Linked-In and learned a lot today during the presentation. The most importsant tip for me related to the proper use of my profile and how it is important to use the key word strategies to be found.

    This seminar came at the right time for me as I am currently in the process of wanting to reconnect with past associates and share what I learned here today.

    Thanks again for sharing the wealth of information today, now it is my time to pay it forward.


  234. Great Webinar. Key points for me were “actions speak louder than words”, how search results work, optimizing profile and the emphasis of the very large network (connections and groups). Also, interesting that Answers is not a good tool for job seekers, which is the opposite of what I heard from another LinkedIn expert.

  235. I attended the LinkedIn Webinar earlier today, and I didn’t realize how my job search could be enhanced by properly utilizing LinkedIn. I have been searching for a job for quite some time and I am a bit more excited now that I am armed with all this information. I enjoyed hearing that Greg believed that maintaining hope is important to a job search and adding his personal family situation to the presentation was uplifting. Because there is quite a gap in my employment, I definitely need to think about Profile optimization and inserting key words in the right places. I would recommend this webinar to anyone wanting to utilize all resources available to them during their job search.

  236. Excellent work today, Greig. I’ve done my best to get to know Linkedin on my own, but your seminar really opened my eyes to it’s full potential. I had a friend tell me months ago that Linkedin was the place to be to get noticed, but I didn’t believe him and I’ve struggled ever since. I fully intend to use the knowledge I’ve gained from your seminar today to put myself ahead of the pack! Thanks again.

  237. Greig,

    I attended the webinar, today, 1/27/11. I found your presentation to be an eye-opener – outlining techniques and providing tips for the use of Linked In that I never would have dreamed of. I now have an excellent road map to follow.

    Thank you.


  238. The Be Found Job seminar this afteroon was extremely informative. New information about how to stand out from the crowd and how to actually take action created a compelling view of what can be done to have your resume found. The easy to follow steps and insider information pvoided valuable insights about how to use LinkedIn to achieve a job hunter’s goals….being found.

    Thank you for a fantastic seminiar.

  239. I was a participant in today’s webinar “LinkedIn Insider Secrets”. I thought that the seminar was great. I think Greig has taken the job hunt game to another level and has made it a more level playing field. I esspecially enjoyed the information on LinkedIn Signals. Greig said it was still in beta. But right after the webinar I could access it on LinkedIn. It’s amazing that he found a way to help so many others doing something that he truly loves and that is so well appreciated and needed. I haven’t replied sooner becasue I was busy implementing his suggestions. Perhaps I’ll see some results tomorrow – well soon at least.

    Thanks again Greig & Phil!

  240. I am just now learning how important it is to network to find my dream job. I’ve been on Linkedin since November 20, 2005, but until today I didn’t know how to use it in my job search.

    The thing that stuck with me the most is the recommendations in Linkedin. I would like to submit recommendations but never know what to say. Now I realize that if I ask them which skill and what project, it is much easier to write.

    Thanks for such a wonderful Webinar. I look forward to seeing more soon.

  241. Prior to your presentation, my “training” in LinkedIn was from self-professed expert volunteers who certainly mean well but teach only the mechanics of the tool. It was an ephany of sorts to see the dynamics and strategy that can be employed. The value of your insights was akin to the removal of cateracts from the eyes of the visually impaired. Thank you very much!

  242. Greig – Thank you so much for the amazing and insightful webinar on LinkedIn and how to “Be Found/Be Hunted.” I have been on LinkedIn since the early 90’s and thought I was utilizing it the best I could…. Boy was I wrong. I attended your Webinar on Thursday January 27, 2011 and now realize that I have so much to learn and so much more to do in order to maximize my profile’s attention on LinkedIn and how I can Be Found so that I find the best career of my life. I have registered for your organizations assistance with this and CAN NOT WAIT to get started!!!!! 2011 is going to be an AMAZING year of change for me, thanks to you!!!!!!

  243. Greig,
    Thank you for the great webinar on Jan 27. Through your presentation I gained a lot of valuable information and tools relevant to my job search. You discussed ways to prepare and use LinkedIn as a two-way street, ways not only to find but also to be found. I was unaware of how I could use tools such as word clouds, Google, Twitter and other social media to my advantage. I also gained major information about networking that gives me the motivation to get out there and do it.


  244. Thank you for the great class last Thursday, January 27. There was so much valuable information, it’s difficult to keep my feedback brief.

    I appreciated that you started out the course talking about your personal situation and assisting your wife as she searched for a job. Being the job-searching wife myself, I can definitely relate. I have been feeling the same helplessness, frustration, and madness at being asked: “how is the job search going?” I felt better knowing that others have survived a similar situation and I will too.

    Given that it has been >8 months since my last position, I was most struck by the idea of creating my own group in LinkedIn and listing the activities I have been engaged in for the past several months as a means to fill the gap in my work history and to “get credit” for all the work I have done. I love this idea.

    I was also glad you made a point of mentioning that the job search should be all about finding the best job for you, not about finding “anything that will do”. I view my job loss as a chance at a “do-over”. I’m taking the time to find great companies that I want to work for, and then using LinkedIn to get in touch with folks that work at those companies to start conversations that will hopefully lead to a great job. Even in these tough times, we all have options. Spend time thinking about and researching where you want to work and what you want to do. Then use LinkedIn as a tool to get your foot in the door. As robust a tool as LinkedIn is for connecting with people, don’t overlook its vast research capabilities for finding great companies and the people who work for them.

  245. This was very informative. I loved the section about the new way to find Keywords (via word clouds). It is an important tool that no one is addressing. More people should take this to discover it.

  246. I did not know about the cloud word processing to determine the key words that would be mined. This is fascinating to understand the gap between what is intended as a message versus what is the actual message.

  247. Greig,

    When I add connections to my linkein account my number of connections does not seem to go up. Is there something I need to do or do you know why it is doing this?

    Winfield Light

  248. I’m amazed at how fabulous this information was in today’s seminar. Such simple techniques, but I really think your guidance will make positive results happen. I’ve purchased the program and look forward to being a believer.

  249. This seminar was fantastic! Although I’ve already started using LinkedIn, your seminar gave me specifics about how to get noticed and included in search results… plus much more! I’m excited to start using the techniques you spoke about and looking forward to seeing the results!


  250. It was a great training class. The most important tool that I learned was the Word Cloud and it’s power. My wife is an English Teacher and is very familiar with the tool. All the best David Vegh

  251. I enroled in your special offer today. How do I get the video about linkedin premium service capability. I look forward to the results you talked about today. I believe you will save me enough timethat I can use the saved time to grow my MLM business.

    Thomas (Tom) Holthus

  252. Greig – the LinkedIn seminar was very helpful. I did not appreciate how extensively recruiters are using LinkedIn, nor how my passive use of LinkedIn influenced their perception of me. I will immediately begin developing my profile and actively participating. Thanks for providing the awareness and the tips!

  253. Greig,

    Thank you for cementing the basics on how to get linkedin to work for you. I am already incorporating your suggestions to my profile.
    I am in the position of looking for a job after being downsized and really am afraid of letting my family down. I am not earning income and unemployment has expired so i can not afford our programs currently.
    I have passion, experience and the ability to lead, mentor and coach others, but can not seem to get in front of anyone in person. I could really use your coaching and mentoring in making my efforts payoff by qualifying for your scholarship program.
    I have 500+ connections already and numerous recomendations I just need to the final push to make it happen!

  254. Wonderful seminar. Very informative. I loved the integration of building relationship and value with the new cloud tool. As a community volunteer I help about 10 job seekers a week with their LinkedIn approach. I would value learning how to help them better if offered the opportunity. In the Austin area through the three job clubs and our Wilco Entrepreneur Community we reach out to over 8000 individuals a week.

  255. The webinar today was very informative. The fact that Google is such a powerful tool for recruiters was very surprising. The use of word cloud tools was alos very enlightening. As an ‘experienced’ worker I am often told that I am overqualified or that my experience occurred too long ago. How can I ‘reposition’ the keywords from my past to better fit today’s reality. Additionally I have started to build my connections on LinkedIn. With people that I don’t know I try to google them before accepting them. Should I just accept all invitations? Thanks again.

  256. Greig,

    The Webinar today was great! I have been out of work for about 90 days and my job search thus far has not gotten ANY traction. I am re-energized and encouraged to learn these strategies and techniques for Being Found on LinkedIn. I plan to start with the Word Cloud keyword analysis and optimization of my resume and profile, building out my network, and starting an local Industry Group. I already have a Google site, so I’ll work on getting the HTML tags optimized and establishing White Glove links back to the site.

    I can’t tell you how bad I need to get back to work, but as I learned from you today; I don’t want to look desperate!

    Anyway, thanks again, and please..please..please consider me for one of your coaching scholarships!

    Mark Staples

  257. Fantastic and informative webinar.
    You guys have really helped. As an unemployed person and being on LinkIn for about 18 months I just found out that I was DOING EVERYTHING WRONG.
    I had a complete misunderstanding about how to use LinkIn but you have covered every aspect regarding the proper use.

    I especially appreciate the advise on using connections. Not only was I not getting the full impact of this but was probably actually making things worse. Also the use of GROUPS, I never new the proper way to use Groups or even how to properly make a connection.
    I feel that with the knowledge required here I will now be more successful in my job search.

    Thanks for a fantastic presentation.

    Brendan J. Carroll

  258. Greg,

    I really appreciate all the information you provided in your LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar. I leave most webinars feeling as if I’ve listened to an hour long sales pitch, but yours was loaded with valuable information and very little selling. I’ve actually attended the webinar twice, and learned new things each time. Your tips on how to have a resume found on Google are invaluable. I also was connecting blindly with people on LinkedIn, but now you’ve taught me how and why to connect to truly help my job search without being branded as a desperate job seeker.

  259. Grieg;

    This was the fourth time that I have attended the webinar. I have told dozens of people about your program and each time I attend the webinar, I get more out of it. This information is fantastic.
    One comment, one question, and one suggestion:
    Comment: I have already started and have increased the number of connections and groups and have done some optimization. This has proved very helpful as most of the jobs that I have seroiusly pursued have come from people who have found me through LinkedIn. I also am able to do better searching for people in specific companies now that my network is much larger – especially love the idea of networking with super connectors. Have done some of this but need to do more.
    Question: My full-time job used to run a consulting firm with a few other people and this is how most of my professional network knows me. While I don’t do consulting full-time right now, I do keep involved and have done some consulting over the past several months since a 2 year contracting gig ended. So, I still list my consulting firm as my current job on both LinkedIn and on my resume so it looks like I am still employed. As such, is it necessary for me to start a group? I also am very active in a professional trade association. I list this under my groups and associations but was considering adding this as a position? Your opinion would be great.
    Suggestion: I’ve recently been interviewed for a couple of positions where the recruiters have found me via LinkedIn (yeah) and in preparing for the interviews, I reached out and found people that worked at these companies via LinkedIn (asking 1st level contacts for introductions or finding their email through other means) and have reached out to these people to ask about the company. To my amazement, virtually all the people that I reached out to were willing to talk to me and in most cases, very candidly. The information was invaluable during the interview process. I suspect others will find this technique useful and all because I started using LinkedIn more through your advice.
    Thanks again.

  260. Today’s webinar (February 3) really showed how wordle.net could be used to compare keywords in the resume, the job description and the company. This shows whether the fit is good before considering whether to apply.
    It was helpful to see how recruiters think–they are paid by the clients to fill the position, or how to ask for a job without asking, and end up looking like an insider.

  261. Greig: I appologize, I came into the webinar late today, I have listened to some of your other ones.
    -What is the difference between the $384(I think that’s what I heard you say) program and the $97/mo for 6 months program?
    -I have a linkedin profile but after hearing this program I can tell it’s not up to par, does your paid program help me write a better one?
    -I don’t have a website and can’t afford to hire someone to design one, what else can I do?
    Thanks a ton, you offer some of the best, honest, concise, caring information. I wish I would have found you a year ago when I started my job search due to divorce, having to sell my home, facing the need to return to work after not working to raise kids and no up to date technical skills, and being financially constrained significantly! I’m glad I found you now. I know I need one of your programs, I can’t do this on my own, I’m overwhelmed. Please advise and God Bless you and your work!!! Thanks for making this process personal because there are few things in life more personal than looking for meaningful work!
    Best, Tracy Callender

  262. Greg,

    As you know, I’ve been job hunting for over 90 days banging my head against a wall trying to understand why I haven’t been found through LinkedIn. After watching your Webinar today a light went off!

    The number one lesson I learned was…I AM NOT BEING VIEWED AS A LEADER IN MY INDUSTRY!!

    When you said create a group focused on your profession and it will take on a life of its own, I immediately starting thinking about what kind of group I could start. I will create that group today and invite you to it.

    By doing that, I believe that my peers as well as Hiring Managers will get a better sense of my commitment and passion for what I do within my industry, and recognize the value I bring to the company that is smart enough to hire me.

    Thank you!

  263. Thanks Grieg,
    I have been a casual user of Twitter and LinkedIn, and been in job search mode recently so everything you talked about rang true for me. I only have 37 groups and 273 connections – gasp! I need to step it up a notch and your approach seems quite thorough. The word cloud focus is genius. I look forward to working with you and your team to upgrade my skills and online presence. I also hope to help my son who will be graduating from college this year and who doesn’t yet have a LinkedIn account, probably because his mother recommended it…;-)

  264. I have always thought of myself as doing the right thing in a job search i.e. visiting job boards, reading news papers, networking with friends etc… But today’s ( February 03’20110 webinar was awesome; I have never had to gather so much information in so little a time. I have always understood LinkedIn to be a place where you build your profile from your resume and wait for hits and recruiters or corporate to contact you. Today you have showed me and the rest of the people who attended the webinar something unique. I have learnt through this webinar how to brand myself and target the audience strategically. I thank you, Grieg and the sponsors for taking this step and providing this free webinar and also the freebies and discounts offered, during a time, we that are unemployed have a budget and cannot afford such royalties. I will try to follow the instructions and get there. This webinar has given me hope and will definitely open doors. Thank you and the sponsors once again.

  265. Greig, Thank you so much for today’s LinkedIn training. I have learned how to optimize my LinkedIn profile, increase my internet presence so recruiters will find me in their searches, and actions I can take to develop my personal brand and develop conversion strategies. Specifically, I have learned that to optimize my LinkedIn profile I need to first identify key words and I can do that with the free word cloud technology that you demonstrated in your webinar. I can increase my Google internet presence by the specific steps you outlined regarding resume posting, optimizing HTML, and getting links back to my website. Finally, the power of starting a LinkedIn group to not only increase networking opportunities but also to demonstrate one’s personal brand through continued activity and leadership in an area of interest or an industry.

    Thanks also for updating us on the new features that are currently in beta, but will be coming in the future on LinkedIn – SIGNAL and MIXTENT. How exciting!

    Greig, with all of this information, I can’t helped but feel I will BE Found and Be Hunted.

  266. Greig, While I’ve attended other sessions onhow to use LinkedIn, the information provided is usually vague and general. Your free Webinar provided more value than I would have expected from a paid session. Right from the start, the specifics on how keywords are scanned and where they should be in your profile provided information that will instantly improve my profile.
    Thanks for an outstanding and worthwhile hour and a half!

  267. Being new to linked in use, I found this webinar very helpful to its use as well as to provide aome new strategies for its use in many ways I recommend everyone view it

  268. Thank you Greig for getting the sponsors so we can get a better idea of how we should become more active in our job searches in the less obvious ways. For those of us who can’t afford even your special price — or just couldn’t make it in the first 24, this can get us started towards doing a better job hunt.
    So much of what you told us looks simple and obvious. So why didn’t we think of it ourselves? In my case, I’m much more comfortable in the server room keeping your network running as smoothly as possible. I couldn’t convince somebody in the tropics of the need for stocking ice. So your ideas make sense to me — once you tell me, and I can utilize your suggestions (maybe not as well as if I were in the first 24!).
    You covered so many things with enough detail to get us going. I appreciate your going over things like Wordle, or explaining the difference between standard SEO with Google as versus what we as job seekers (or potential job seekers) need to do to maximize Google’s benefit to us. Or explaining how to use Twitter without (or with) a Twitter account.
    One thing that would be nice. I understand why you can’t give us access to the video, maybe not even the slide set (I’m not sure how much use it is without your commentary), but you go so fast I can’t keep track of everything. Just one example. You explained about Google and I got the first two bullets [hummm, after Tucson will they let us talk about bullets and targeted actions anymore?], but I’m not sure of the last two. Or the links you included on some of the slides. So, my question, could you send an email that just has the web links (URLs), no commentary? For instance, near the end was a .Info, with Profile in the name. I could go, realize it wasn’t one for me — or that it was. Maybe others would find that useful.
    So thank you very much.

  269. Grieg,

    Thanks for the wonderful seminar. I have been a member of LinkedIn for almost seven years without really knowing what I belonged to. I have heard people over the years talk about a personal brand but was unsure what that would do for my career. I had often wondered why people built large networks on LinkedIn. I have known for a long time that face to face personal interaction is the best way to manage my career. I wondered how more connections on LinkedIn would translate into more face to face meetings.

    Your Webinar addressed these and more. Your explanation of how hiring firms and recruiters use LinkedIn opened my eyes to how important my LinkedIn presence has become.

    I know your Webinar exposed me to only the tip of the iceberg. I am starting today to build my brand on LinkedIn and elsewhere on the web. I will invest the time to create value through posts and offering to help others. I will create my group on LinkedIn this week.



    Warren Hayford

  270. Greig,

    First I want to thank you for presenting your webinar for free. As money is tight, I need to take advantage of presentations like yours that really teach job search skills. I commend you for making this an extremely great webinar, that was not just fluff and that made me hang on every work until the end. I wanted to stay tuned in and could not take notes fast enough

    Today I learned from your webinar how to maximize my use of LinkedIn, Google and Twitter and how to use certain tools like word clouds. I am very grateful for the technical training I received today.

    Beyond all this, I am even more grateful for learning how to think like a recruiter. I learned what the recruiters are looking for, how they search both resumes and job sites and how to brand myself and increase my network to become visible in searches and appear as a unique candidate with above average skills and experience.

    What I know is that it is very hard to work on my own resume objectively because I am too close to the subject. Although I realize cognitively that my grant accounting, fundraising and nonprofit accounting skills mixed with my CPA certification make me valuable and unique, Emotionally, I discount my value and I find it hard to always portray this in a way manner that makes recruiters take notice.

    I will be honest; I need your help badly. I will not sugar coat this. I belong to a large network of job seekers that meets Saturday Morning in the Chicago Suburbs and I think we all need your help. I wish that you could give this talk to them. Beyond this we all needs lots of help with interviewing. I see that many of my friends are getting many interviews, accountants and CPA’s included with high level skills, and no job offers. I have had good luck previously but it takes much time and I need to shorten the process. You gave some good hints in doing this today and I now need an objective eye to view the resume and train on interviewing.

    I also would like to know what you think of the “Tip of the Iceberg” style of writing resumes and interviewing. My group believes in this. We keep our resumes simple but results (quantitative and qualitatively) based; with the key words. We also think that putting the key words and skills / accomplishments in the summery and accomplishments section of the first half of first page is crucial. A well known resume writer / coach told me this method was insulting to the hiring manager and that she would not hire this type of candidate. I would like your feedback on this topic.

    I can’t say enough about how you have enlightened me today. I am looking forward to using this information and hope I can do a good job.
    I look forward to reading the comments on your blog, as I can never get enough good advice like yours.

    Thank you so much,

    Bonnie Boron, CPA
    Chicago, IL 60610

  271. Hi Greig
    I have just re-located to Southern California from Boston, MA. Now what, I said to myself. So, I called my friend and asked her if she knew any good recruiters and she sent me the link to today’s webinar! Thank you for sharing so much valuable info. I actually looked at your short video on Word Cloud techniques yesterday and immediately implememted the key words into my resume and cover letter to apply for a job. I have an interview on Monday with a major pharmaceutical organization!!!!

    This is great but we all know that you can’t count on one interview. So, I am looking forward to building my exposure on LinkedIn and the Twitter search advice was AWESOME! Also, I never knew that Google was the #1 search engine for recruiters. I am on Google but I have very old information an needed advice on how to build that profile. Your programs will be very helpful for that .

    Finally, as I was listening to your recommendations, I kept saying “This info is golden”. I am going to invite people to your future Webinar sessions, it is a great way to help others with their job searches. You are cutting edge and you answered my question as to how to get the calls from the recruiters and get in front of hiring personel. My friend in Boston could not attend the seminar today, so I took notes for her. I am going to reccomend that she gets on your live Webinar as soon as possible. She really missed out and needs to hear first hand from you what to do.
    Thank you for bring true value to this meeting!

  272. The advice provided in the program was both informative and practical. I left the webinar with steps that I can take to make my Linkedin profile more effective and a plan to make my job search successful. It reinforced the idea that Linkedin can be powerful tool in the job search toolkit and provided a blueprint to make it so.


  273. I enjoyed the webinar today; lots of useful information.

    My three biggest take aways were

    1. That my resume my profile on linkedin. That helps a great deal because the message on linkedin can be better crafted to describe what I will do in the future rather than what I have done for others in the past. It gives me another forum to show my value proposition (personal / career branding)

    2. I need to establish a web page that is Google searchable with Title, Meta, and Heading tags. That site should contain a Word or PDF version of my resume and I should get 65-100 links to it in order to rise to the 1st page.

    3. I should create and sponsor a group on Linkedin to establish myself as a leader in my field. I should also find meaningful related articles and once a week or more do a 3-4 sentence write up and send it to my group as well as all groups that I am associated with (this should be increased to 50).

    I had previously learned about wordle but your usage clarified how I should use it. The message of 500+ also came in loud and clear.

    A good use of my time.

  274. Greig,

    Thank you for making it REAL!
    At times where the market is tough, there are many people offering coaching help and job search assistance.
    Yet, you are definetly standing out with your ability to make it simple, to be very concrete and to give immediate tips that can reap benefits right away.
    I certianly enjoyed your webinar and the most valuable thing I have found is that thanks to you , the next job opportunity has never seemed so close…The energy and motivation you give back to people in only 1 hour is invaluable!

  275. I found the webinar today to be packed with both detailed and practical knowledge on the effective use of LinkedIn in job search. I particularly found your insights on how recruiters, both internal and external, are using LinkedIn and Google extremely compelling on why using LinkedIn more effectively will lead to more phone calls.

    Your message about doing it right and doing it once also has significant value once I do land. I plan on using this knowledge and hopefully gleaning more insights from you down the road to maintain my profile as an industry leader to the benefit of my employer and for me in future career transitions.

  276. This webinar may have been the most productive two hours I’ve spent on my job search. Greig races through a ton of information that is not only extremely relevant to landing a new position in the current job market but he doesn’t over complicate it. Even though I’ve been a part of LinkedIn for many years, I learned have done very little to utilize the LinkedIn tool to it’s full potential and nearly nothing to insure LinkedIn is working for me. It’s like using a power screwdriver to remove screws but never to screw them in. In just two hours I learned ways to make sure LinkedIn is always working for me, regardless if I’m logged in or not. These techniques will not only exponentially improve my current job search but allow me to continually utilize LinkedIn to attract the connections necessary excel in any new position. Thank You

  277. Greg,

    I’ve recently resumed my job search after taking a few months to do customer experience consulting. Candidly, I have attended quite a few free webinars to help me hone my job search skills, but yours is the absolute best one that I have attended (you left the others in the dust). Why?

    First, while it was free, we didn’t have to pay anything for some real “get to the leading edge now” advice. That is very rare.

    Second. I took away not 1 or 2 but more like 20-30 real meaningful insights on how to gain a competitive advantage and shorten my time-to-hire. I especially loved the Wordle tip, tried it, and learned I have some tweaking to do, or is it tweeting?

    Finally, I could not keep up with the quality and quantity of information. Actually I should say I could barely keep up. The ten step process broken up into the two phases was also an outstanding way to really get organized in the job of job hunting.


    …. and Well Done!!!!

  278. Hi Greig–

    I’ve participated in a number of your Webinars and I always come away from them with yet another little tidbit (love the whole “evaluating a recruiter” scenario–quite genius!). With 219+ other folks before me sharing their insight, I thought I would take this moment to offer you a copyedit/proof of your PowerPoint presentation to tidy up a few typos and errors in consistency. For editorial folks like me (http://www.linkedin.com/in/fernoram)–I promise these tweaks will make your presentation that much more powerful! Thanks again for your time, insight and graciousness!

  279. Greig, the biggest takeaways from today’s webinar for me are

    1) Doing everything possible to increase my Linked IN first level connections to at least 500 because without this I won’t get noticed on Linked In or Google.

    2) Check http://search.twitter.com at least every other day to get a jump on my competition to find jobs before they are posted anywherelse.

    3) State a blog or a website to get search optimized on Google.

    To that end since the end of today’s seminar at 1PM;

    A) I have invited more than 50 members of Linked In groups I am a member of to connect with me.

    B) Have started free blog on wordpress.com sharing knowledge on how to live well for less and get debt free with techniques lenders don’t the public to know about.

    The goal of my blog is to help others enjoy a fuller, richer life and share their experiences along with mine.

    Since the end of the webinar I’m sure many have posted about how today’s webinar will change their career search and lives. Greig, I’m not just posting how it’s changed me, I’m implementing the changes today.
    I’m not doing this just to be considered for a scholarship but hope that it does raise my profile for consideration.

  280. Today’s webinar provided an excellent overview of all the key strategies and tools that every LinkedIn user should leverage. The strategic use of LinkedIN Signal will be a game changing way to to manage your own competitive intelligence and leads across the web. In addition to showing best practice solutions, Greig has provided a step by step roadmap for people to optimize LinkedIn for long-term success.

  281. Thank you for this imformative seminar. I learned quite a few new tricks from you today. First, I have been using keywords manually in my search and resume now I will be able to use the online tool to create better word clouds. Second, I would have never thought to search Twitter for new jobs. Third, I didn’t realize how groups worked on linkedin or that they were important.

    I have been out of work for almost two years now with no luck because even though it may be the same “duties” the position may not be in the same “industry” so I continually get passed up. I am eager to put your tips to work in hopes to finally gain success!

  282. I have a question for you after today’s seminar. There are some colleages that I haven’t spoken to in years however, would like to “re”-connect now through linkedin. If they don’t remember me and decline my invitation does that look bad in my activity or affect me in a negative manor?

  283. I found this presentation very informative. I was really inspired and up lifted. I feel that if I do just half of things suggested, I will be back at work in no time.
    I can also use this information when I am back at work to continue networking.
    I tried the word cloud tool. It was impressive.
    I think the idea of setting up your own group is very strategic.
    The idea of using the search twitter is great, since I do not really want to do a twitter account right now. It was the best two hours that I spent on the computer that I can remember.

  284. Gracias Greig,

    Tu webinar me permitió entender el enorme potencial que no estoy aprovechando. Soy una profesional especialista y de gran experiencia pero actualmente vivo en una ciudad pequeña y no he conseguido un buen trabajo a pesar de mi experiencia y nivel de ingles, ahora podré buscar con mucha más fuerza.

    Estoy muy feliz de haber asistido el webinar, del que sacamos muy buenas conclusiones con mi esposo.

  285. Hi Greig,

    Thank you for the awsome PowerPoint presentation, which made your presentation easy to follow and take notes. You keyed in on important and relevant information and explained it as you went along. In other words the presentation was “user friendly” to the novice user.
    The word cloud was also very nicely done and the information that you shared on where and how to use this “tool” effectively. You shared information and how to use these “tools” is without a doubt priceless! Has you stated LinkedIn is a tool that every jobseeker should have in his or her toolbox.

  286. Greig,

    Thanks for the insightful Feb 3 webinar. Usually that kind of webinars and even costly live seminars just offer a panoramic view opening a lot of questions without givings answers but you give us a lot of answers at no cost.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    I have a lot of notes in my notepad to review.

  287. I enjoyed the information I learned on the Webinar today. I tried the wordel website and was pleased with what I saw. I learned a lot and hopefully once I complete my profile update I will have more activity on people viewing my profile.

    I liked the offline networking suggestion and feel it may be a easier way to get information about companies and industries then making a cold call to someone at a company to ask for a few minutes of time.

    Thank you for being so generous with your time and expertise and for sharing with others.

  288. Hi Greig,

    I appreciate you insights to LinkedIn. Will be working on what you told us and monitor the success. Your explications went a little further than just the theory and you presented us with some examples as how concepts are being applied in LinkedIn. This is of great value.

  289. Your LinkedIn training is outstanding. I found the outlining of the process steps and the priority of performing the tasks to be extremely beneficial. I have created a to-do list from your recommended processes and will be taking action, today. Secondly, the importance of creating an industry group was is an idea one does not think as part of the job search strategy. I will be implementing these ideas immediately.

  290. Greig,
    Thanks for the seminar. For some reason I was not able to get in to LinkedIn at all yesterday.
    You really showed the value of LinkedIn in order to Be Found. All my time has focused on the old fashioned methods of finding published jobs and marketing myself.
    I now understand that I need to become a group leader and an active blogger. I need to buiild a large deep network, and I need to improve my online branding and story.
    I have always known that personal contact is the effective way to make sales, but with a service personality as opposed to a sales personality, the initiation of personal contacts is not something I do well.
    I see now how LinkedIn can be used to target people in a position to introduce me to good connections.
    My financial resources are very tight as I have been looking for work for 14 months.
    What you showed us gave me a beginner’s understanding to the power and techniques of LinkedIn. Now I see that I need to spend at least a couple of hours per day in order to build my visibility and become proficient and active with the tools of LinkedIn.
    I believe that the visibility and activity will result in some good connections initiating contact with me. The deep network will enable me to initiate some contacts with organizations that I should be targeting as they can most likely benefit from my skills and experience.
    Thanks so much for the webinar! I will stay connected with whatever resources are available for low cost.
    Should I be selected for some free participation I will commit to whatever time it takes to optimize the effectiveness of the results.
    Press on!

  291. Greig–Hope I’m too late getting back to you with comments regarding yesterday’s (2/3/11) great webinar on LinkedIn Insider Secrets. Whoa, talk about information overload. It was like trying to drink from a fire hose. In a good way though. Where do I begin? First of all, I’ve attended many webinars and workshops (online and in person) on LinkedIn during the last 2 years while I’ve been job hunting. I really didn’t expect to hear anything new. Wow, was I wrong! I really found the information about Wordle and word clouds to be extremely useful. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend. The other LI secret that really grabbed my attention is the one about creating my own LI group. What a novel idea. Also loved the tip about using 7 keywords in the LI advanced search. I could go on listing the new information I gleaned from this webinar. I’d love to be able to afford to pay for your live workshops and coaching Q&A. Keep as much “free” videos and webinars coming my way as you can. Thanks again for a wonderful, useful, information-packed presentation.

    1. Oops. I meant I hope I’m NOT too late in posting my comments to be able to participate in the scholarship drawing.

  292. WOW! WOW! and more WOW! This was THE FIRST webinar that provided really valuable and actionable information!!! The power of “hope” was a great reassuring starting point. Loved how Greig presents—the fact that it moved along quickly is perfect for type A personalities (no opportunity to be bored), but not too fast that you couldn’t absorb the information.

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s possible to “be found” by doing some legwork to make it happen and it’s easy enough for the average joe or jane to do—the challenge is having the time to do it when you are employed.

    It was also encouraging to think about how much better the opportunities are when you “are found,” since you are not competing with a plethora of similarly qualified individuals when applying for posted positions.

    The options for help presented at the end were perfect—customized to fit the needs of any job seeker … providing enough guidance to “do it yourself” or for those who are time-constrained, an option to have most of it done for you. Again, very well done webinar … the best I’ve EVER attended. BRAVO!

  293. Like many of the others above, I also attended your webinar on Friday. Since it is late on Sunday, I hope I made the cutoff for the L/I invite for Q & A.

    The content of the seminar was superb. I had never known that I could access word cloud technology for use in improving my resume, and every other part of my job search. I have already started cranking up the quantity of L/I groups to which I belong. The road toward 500+ contacts is a long one (at 214 now), but I know WHY I need to get there now.

    So much to learn, so much to do to really perfect my job search strategy and tactics. However, I think the value of your seminar is reflected in the well known Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

    You taught me how to fish better on Friday. Sincere thanks,

    Tom Wuellner
    Evanston, IL

  294. Greig,

    I must say, I have never met anyone quite like you. After I listened to your 2011 LinkedIn Secrets Webinar, I was blown away. EVERY word that came out of your mouth was pertinent and valuable. I had never heard any of the information you shared before, and it was free!!! OMG! In today’s world we rarely receive anything with real value for free. What a gift; amazing. You shared secrets and tools I could implement immediately. Yes time is money; so much so, that I’m investing a 2nd visit to the webinar, to listen carefully for the parts of your webinar that I failed to absorb the first time.

    From listening to you I can see your powerful business model. It’s unique, putting you in the forefront of your industry. Others have tried to follow your lead, but just cannot offer the plethora of information you provide for free.

    What you share is ver important for every job searcher to hear. More people than ever before need the help and guidance you provide. And, it’s worth repeating again, the best part for your listeners is that you offer so much information at zero cost. We all have so much to gain by listening to you. We have zero risk. Because of what you’re willing to share, (and let’s not leave out the power of LinkedIn that gives you the podium), you’re able to reach people all over the world. And it’s your broad reach that brings thousands to your webinars. It is because of what you offer for free, and with sincerity, that many of your listeners will come to you directly, willing to pay for your personal assistance.

    We have all been given a gift, the gift of you Greig. Now it’s up to us to use it … or lose it. I know I’m grateful for having found you.
    Harvey Justmann
    Cleveland, Ohio

  295. Greig,

    My friend Renee Fleischman has been pushing me to get LinkedIn and she sent me the link for your free Webinar. I automatically signed up for it on February 3rd and attended. Thank you for opening my eyes! So much has changed after 10 years, and I immediately started working on my own word clouds..what a concept! Thanks for reminding me that building relationships, Was and Is my job and that my job doesn’t equal my value. Style, content and honesty…Great Presentation!

  296. The word cloud suggestion, using wordle.net to get a better comprehension of the important words on a job posting and comparing it to the words on your resume/linkedin profile is definitely an invaluable advice.

  297. It was a great webinar – wish more time – so much information.

    One of the best tips that I hope to start working into my search is the posting of status updates and starting my own group and use that to invite other key connections into my network. That has always been my skip in what to do. This approach bridges the gaps and give me something that I can offer those Im not connected to to bring them into my circle.

    Thanks so much for the whole training! I would have definetly purchased your program today but the budgets just wont allow it at this time.

  298. I enjoyed today’s LinedIn insider secrets webinar. It was similar to your January one. Regarding the “being found in Google” section, I would like you to elaborate on the SEO aspects. Is it enough to have MS Word resumes online in the major career banks (e.g. Monster), or are you suggesting creating my own web page. I don’t know what optimizing HTML on a web page means, nor “metatags” or “title tags.”

    Thank you.

  299. Greig,
    Great program! Most of the LinkedIn programs I have attended are elementary compared to yours. The best tool I discovered is how to use the word cloud to analyze and compare the position specification with the resume to insure you are on target with what the company is looking for. Adding information from the company website in the word cloud helps you see visually what they are emphasizing to their customers. This is taking due diligence to the next level.
    Thank you,

  300. This webinar is truly one of the most useful information-packed webinars that I’ve ever attended. I feel that I’m truly educated in how to make the best use of LinkedIn features in my job search. The idea of creating my own group on LinkedIn never crossed my mind. I can’t wait to try this out. I also appreciate the verbiage you provided on what to say to a senior executive at a target company. I’m good at using LI to find the executives at my target companies but then I’m at a loss on what to say to them. Your “script” will really help me out. I’ve heard from other LI “experts” that quality of connections is more important than quantity. Your reasons from getting to 500+ connections really makes sense to me. Also can’t wait to put into action the word cloud application to decipher the keywords in job descriptions so that I can make sure my LI profile and resume have included them. I’ve been job searching for almost 2 years and welcome your advice in helping me find my next great opportunity.

  301. Thank you for concentrating on the details of optimizing my LinkedIn profile and visibility and not dwelling on the obvious points. The suggestions about frequently updating status, starting a group, implementing keyword SEO with Word Clouds and utilizing Signal were especially helpful. I will get to work right now to implement your suggestions.

    I would like more guidance on Recommendations. I have reticence to publicize my personal and professional recommendations on my profile. My preference is to keep them private and have a prospective employer contact them for a personalized recommendation and specific input. Any comments?

    I look forward to Friday’s presentation and any future webinars. Since my resources are pretty thin right now, I may try to subscribe to your services in a future webinar, if my situation improves.

    Thank you again for rejuvenating my search, using LinkedIn as a tool and not the focus!

  302. The webinar today on LinkedIn was great. I found the topic of contacting your contacts to find out about Recruiters Specializing In “my field” in “my location” very rewarding. It will help me communicate to my network, get to know them better and help me greatly inprove my networking while helping myself and my network. More information means more power to advance my job search, and also help others.

    I will be working on this tonight.

  303. The LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar was impactful and inspiring at a time when the steam has been lost in my job search. I thought I was networking and getting my information out, but I now realize I have been spinning my wheels. The optimization and word cloud info looks to be some the missing elements in my search thus fare. Thanks Grieg and I will certainly spread the word.


  304. Thanks to Greg and the sponsers at recareered.com and ilostmyjob.com for making this possible and all the hard work you did in making this available for free to job seakers, for me is a welcome reminder we are valued and valuable . By far the best information on how to really use LinkedIn. For me a real gem was greating a group and becoming a leader,so that I can make use of the hard work I do job hunting and show case it, owning and showing what I been up to, giving back to community which really tied in with one of Greig’s first comment your value doesn’t equal your job. What I also found exciting is being able to show through my actions on Linked-In why I am a great Project Manager to hire because one of my natural talents is beuilding mutually benifical relationship with a meta goal of bringing out the best in people and teams. This is great now I can out and shine that talent on Linked in and show my profile/talents in action.

    Thanks again for giving valuable time and information,

  305. For the first time in my working career, I have gone almost one year without finding a job. In the past, when I needed to find something… I never went more that a month without finding a long term position. I’ve never needed to be much of a “net-worker” and found it a little intimidating.
    My linkedin page has always been something that “I just had out there”.
    I realized that I needed to do something different to break though. Your webinars have inspired me to put myself out there: to be seen and heard.
    At your suggestion, I began using the word cloud method for finding keywords. It has changed how I write about my experience, and what I have achieved. How??? … by using a completely different set of descriptive words, which in turn, changed the entire syntax of my cover letters. I’m currently reviewing my resume and will be editing my linkedin profile as well.
    Since your last webinar, I have been joining relevant groups, and have participated in discussions for the first time.

    What did I get out of todays Webinar :1. I will be asking for all the references from my linkedin connections of those who I’ve worked with, and my clients. 2. Keep my status updated in constructive ways by showing all my activity that my job search brings. 3. That I may be able to help others in the same way that others may be able to help me, though their contacts.
    To some, this (net-working) may seem basic, but to those that have never had to do these sorts of things, such as myself, it is a very big step, and a very big deal.
    This has been a great way for me to stay in touch, stay connected and remain part of the game.
    It has also given me hope and revitalized the confidence I felt when I thought I was going to find something just one or two months after I was laid off… I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE or ALONE.
    Thank you, and the best of luck to everyone seeking their next opportunity!

  306. The depression and fear of not being able to find a job cannot begin to be measured. With pretty solid financial savings in tow, I had taken off time from my career in 2007 to be able to take care of my ill mother in Florida as well as my family here in Chicago. My husband and I felt we could handle at least two years of me not working a solid steady full time position in human resources. When I finally moved my mother up to Chicago (she’s doing great now!), and begin my job search…well, suffice it to say, it has not gone well! My friend Siggy who works at the U.S. Department of Labor provided me with the information about your webinar, and really all I can say is WOW. I felt I had hit a brick wall with no other resources, but you, Greig, have provided me a window to climb through. I not only owe him but you my deepest gratitude. And although I only got to hear certain portions of the webinar, I will look forward to hearing it again next month.

  307. Hi Greig,

    I participated in your online seminar today (Feb 17/11) on LinkedIn Secrets. You provided a great deal of valuable insight and tips but one item was worth the 2 hour time investment and the audio difficulties all on its own.

    The Word Cloud (www.wordle.net) is an absolutely remarkable tool to have in your job search arsenal. I tried a few job descriptions and was thrilled to see how it identified the key words.

    I can only try to explain how this resource will assist me in my current job. I am a Workforce Specialist in a non profit organization that assists people in their job search. We help them with interview skills, job search techniques and resume writing. What the Word Cloud will do is greatly reduce the time it takes to get a resume completed or fine tuned for the job seeker. They get very frustrated because they don’t know what to put in their resumes. Word Cloud will reduce this stress.

    By having the correct key words embedded in the resume helps the job seeker, the recruiter and the employer identify the best match. It’s a win/win/win all around.

    I am going to pass on this resource to my coworkers so we can get more people using this application. Thank you so much for making me aware of this amazing resource. I look forward to participating in your future seminars and checking out your informative videos.

    So from myself, my clients, my coworkers and my employers north of the border – thank you.

    Chris (LinkedIn junkie)

  308. Greig Wells’ Linkedin seminar was very eye-opening. His tools to maximize your use of Linkedin is a MUST for job seekers. I enjoyed hearing about how key word strategies, profile optimization and building my Linkedin network will help me become more visable to recruiters. And, building your profile on Linkedin is much more effective than posting your resume on job boards since Linkedin in the most prominent tool that recruiters and hiring managers use to find for job seekers. Therefore, it is very important to enhance your job search by making sure you stand out on Linkedin. This includes being active in group discussions and by adding your own group. By doing this, you are showing that you are a creative thinker who has leadership qualities. This will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Thank you for today’s uplifting and insightful webinar!

  309. Greig Wells’ Linkedin seminar was very eye-opening. His tools to maximize your use of Linkedin is a MUST for job seekers. I enjoyed hearing about how key word strategies, profile optimization and building my Linkedin network will help me become more visable to recruiters. And, building your profile on Linkedin is much more effective than posting your resume on job boards since Linkedin in the most prominent tool that recruiters and hiring managers use to find for job seekers. Therefore, it is very important to enhance your job search by making sure you stand out on Linkedin. This includes being active in group discussions and by adding your own group. By doing this, you are showing that you are a creative thinker who has leadership qualities. This will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Thank you for today’s uplifting and insightful webinar! These tools will be instrumental in bolstering my job search.

  310. I work in an online marketing industry and I understand the importance SEO for your website and now for you profile. Wish I could afford this service.

  311. I joined Greig’s LinkedIn Insider Secrets webinar yesterday and it was fantastic with many suggestions to get me noticed.

    Just one example, I added 100,000 2nd level contacts in 24 hours following his suggestions and over 2,000,000 3rd level connections.

  312. Grieg,

    Great webinar on career branding today! I realize now how I had been building my brand all about what I valued in myself rather than building it around what target companies really wanted to buy!

    Thanks also for taking it a step further to highlight approaches to reach out to my peers, LinkedIn contacts and networking groups to find the most compelling problems in my industry and use this to build my brand statement.

    As always, great marketing insight into the mind of the recruiter and hiring manager. It’s always amazing to me how much more clearly I understand my issues and motivations as a former hiring manager when you explain them back to me and show a framework to get past these issues. Well Done!

  313. Greig:
    The webinar, videos and training material you provide have proven to be very valuable as my move forward with the next phase of my career. Aside from the techniques and strategies for getting found out there, I appreciate the overriding philosophy of seeking the connections to be a resource and help and not primarily for selfish reasons.
    I think the idea of a “Job Search Buddy” might be a means to take this idea of helping others as you are helped to the next level.

  314. Greig has done a fantastic job of supporting the unemployed community and getting them back to work! He is absolutely phenomenal!!!! I gain pearls of wisdom from his website and emails daily. I also wanted to leave this message for Greig that I would be very interested in being a part of a job search buddy team. Thank you very much for all you do each and every day!
    Mary Skupa

  315. Thank You Greig for the awesome webinar presentation on “LinkedIn Secrets”. I’ve attended numerous presentations on LI, by Coaches, Experts, & Outplacement firms, & the material you presented was Leading Edge. The Actions Speak Louder than Words section was to the point, What they’re looking for and What we need to do. The 90% Connection Acceptance Rate strategy is great, to the point, and should be really effective. The Offline strategy is right on, it is where things happen. The “Phase 1 & 2 Your Action Items” provide an excellent plan to go forward performing the most effective tasks & building up increasing our internet presence. The “Be Found Jobs” package you provided was an excellent deal, if I had the extra bucks I would have jumped on it. Having been unemployed 20 1/2 months the job search is daunting at times, but this was inspiring with the new tricks “LinkedIn Insider Secrets” to move us ahead of the pack.

    Thanks & God Bless
    Mike D.

  316. What would we all do without the presence of the wonderful ideas you discuss on this site? Who has the persistence to deal with vital topics in the interest of common visitors like me? I actually and my girlfriends are very blessed to have your website among the kinds we frequently visit. Hopefully you know how a great deal we take pleasure in your working hard! Best wishes from us all.

  317. I found the webinar to be most useful and enlightening. It does give me hope in finding new employment since it has been a while since my last job.
    Certainly the information how to do this has been around for a while, however, Greig has brought it together with new insights and in one place, it is available for people who did not know this information was out therde.

    Thanks for giving hope and help

    Tom Misiag

  318. I recently attended the Webinar on October 15th. You said you would send an email each day for 7 days containing contacts for LinkedIn but I never received any emails.
    Will you please make sure my email address is on your list and send me the lists? I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you
    Laura Dawley
    P. S. The webinar was very informative and had some great tips.

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